A Complete List of All (arXiv) Adversarial Example Papers

by Nicholas Carlini 2019-06-15

It can be hard to stay up-to-date on the published papers in the field of adversarial examples, where we have seen massive growth in the number of papers written each year. I have been somewhat religiously keeping track of these papers for the last few years, and realized it may be helpful for others to release this list.

The only requirement I used for selecting papers for this list is that it is primarily a paper about adversarial examples, or extensively uses adversarial examples. Due to the sheer quantity of papers, I can't guarantee that I actually have found all of them.

But I did try.

I also may have included papers that don't match these criteria (and are about something different instead), or made inconsistent judgement calls as to whether or not any given paper is mainly an adversarial example paper. Send me an email if something is wrong and I'll correct it.

As a result, this list is completely un-filtered. Everything that mainly presents itself as an adversarial example paper is listed here; I pass no judgement of quality. For a curated list of papers that I think are excellent and worth reading, see the Adversarial Machine Learning Reading List.

One final note about the data. This list automatically updates with new papers, even before I get a chance to manually filter through them. I do this filtering roughly twice a week, and it's then that I'll remove the ones that aren't related to adversarial examples. As a result, there may be some false positives on the most recent few entries. The new un-verified entries will have a probability indicated that my simplistic (but reasonably well calibrated) bag-of-words classifier believes the given paper is actually about adversarial examples.

The full paper list appears below. I've also released a TXT file (and a TXT file with abstracts) and a JSON file with the same data. If you do anything interesting with this data I'd be happy to hear from you what it was.

Paper List

2021-06-15 Model Extraction and Adversarial Attacks on Neural Networks using Switching Power Information. (99%)Tommy Li; Cory Merkel Voting for the right answer: Adversarial defense for speaker verification. (78%)Haibin Wu; Yang Zhang; Zhiyong Wu; Dong Wang; Hung-yi Lee Detect and remove watermark in deep neural networks via generative adversarial networks. (68%)Haoqi Wang; Mingfu Xue; Shichang Sun; Yushu Zhang; Jian Wang; Weiqiang Liu CRFL: Certifiably Robust Federated Learning against Backdoor Attacks. (13%)Chulin Xie; Minghao Chen; Pin-Yu Chen; Bo Li Securing Face Liveness Detection Using Unforgeable Lip Motion Patterns. (12%)Man Senior Member, IEEE Zhou; Qian Senior Member, IEEE Wang; Qi Senior Member, IEEE Li; Peipei Senior Member, IEEE Jiang; Jingxiao Senior Member, IEEE Yang; Chao Senior Member, IEEE Shen; Cong Fellow, IEEE Wang; Shouhong Ding Probabilistic Margins for Instance Reweighting in Adversarial Training. (8%)Qizhou Wang; Feng Liu; Bo Han; Tongliang Liu; Chen Gong; Gang Niu; Mingyuan Zhou; Masashi Sugiyama CAN-LOC: Spoofing Detection and Physical Intrusion Localization on an In-Vehicle CAN Bus Based on Deep Features of Voltage Signals. (1%)Efrat Levy; Asaf Shabtai; Bogdan Groza; Pal-Stefan Murvay; Yuval Elovici 2021-06-14 Now You See It, Now You Dont: Adversarial Vulnerabilities in Computational Pathology. (99%)Alex Foote; Amina Asif; Ayesha Azam; Nasir Rajpoot; Fayyaz Minhas PopSkipJump: Decision-Based Attack for Probabilistic Classifiers. (99%)Carl-Johann Simon-Gabriel; Noman Ahmed Sheikh; Andreas Krause Audio Attacks and Defenses against AED Systems -- A Practical Study. (99%)Rodrigo dos Santos; Shirin Nilizadeh Backdoor Learning Curves: Explaining Backdoor Poisoning Beyond Influence Functions. (92%)Antonio Emanuele Cinà; Kathrin Grosse; Sebastiano Vascon; Ambra Demontis; Battista Biggio; Fabio Roli; Marcello Pelillo Improving Robustness of Graph Neural Networks with Heterophily-Inspired Designs. (81%)Jiong Zhu; Junchen Jin; Michael T. Schaub; Danai Koutra Evading Malware Classifiers via Monte Carlo Mutant Feature Discovery. (81%)John Boutsikas; Maksim E. Eren; Charles Varga; Edward Raff; Cynthia Matuszek; Charles Nicholas Partial success in closing the gap between human and machine vision. (15%)Robert Geirhos; Kantharaju Narayanappa; Benjamin Mitzkus; Tizian Thieringer; Matthias Bethge; Felix A. Wichmann; Wieland Brendel Text Generation with Efficient (Soft) Q-Learning. (2%)Han Guo; Bowen Tan; Zhengzhong Liu; Eric P. Xing; Zhiting Hu Resilient Control of Platooning Networked Robitic Systems via Dynamic Watermarking. (1%)Matthew Porter; Arnav Joshi; Sidhartha Dey; Qirui Wu; Pedro Hespanhol; Anil Aswani; Matthew Johnson-Roberson; Ram Vasudevan Self-training Guided Adversarial Domain Adaptation For Thermal Imagery. (1%)Ibrahim Batuhan Akkaya; Fazil Altinel; Ugur Halici Code Integrity Attestation for PLCs using Black Box Neural Network Predictions. (1%)Yuqi Chen; Christopher M. Poskitt; Jun Sun 2021-06-13 Target Model Agnostic Adversarial Attacks with Query Budgets on Language Understanding Models. (99%)Jatin Chauhan; Karan Bhukar; Manohar Kaul Selection of Source Images Heavily Influences the Effectiveness of Adversarial Attacks. (99%)Utku Ozbulak; Esla Timothy Anzaku; Neve Wesley De; Messem Arnout Van ATRAS: Adversarially Trained Robust Architecture Search. (96%)Yigit Alparslan; Edward Kim Security Analysis of Camera-LiDAR Semantic-Level Fusion Against Black-Box Attacks on Autonomous Vehicles. (64%)R. Spencer Hallyburton; Yupei Liu; Miroslav Pajic Weakly-supervised High-resolution Segmentation of Mammography Images for Breast Cancer Diagnosis. (1%)Kangning Liu; Yiqiu Shen; Nan Wu; Jakub Chłędowski; Carlos Fernandez-Granda; Krzysztof J. Geras HistoTransfer: Understanding Transfer Learning for Histopathology. (1%)Yash Sharma; Lubaina Ehsan; Sana Syed; Donald E. Brown 2021-06-12 Adversarial Robustness via Fisher-Rao Regularization. (54%)Marine Picot; Francisco Messina; Malik Boudiaf; Fabrice Labeau; Ismail Ben Ayed; Pablo Piantanida What can linearized neural networks actually say about generalization? (31%)Guillermo Ortiz-Jiménez; Seyed-Mohsen Moosavi-Dezfooli; Pascal Frossard FeSHI: Feature Map Based Stealthy Hardware Intrinsic Attack. (2%)Tolulope Odetola; Faiq Khalid; Travis Sandefur; Hawzhin Mohammed; Syed Rafay Hasan 2021-06-11 Adversarial Robustness through the Lens of Causality. (99%)Yonggang Zhang; Mingming Gong; Tongliang Liu; Gang Niu; Xinmei Tian; Bo Han; Bernhard Schölkopf; Kun Zhang Knowledge Enhanced Machine Learning Pipeline against Diverse Adversarial Attacks. (99%)Nezihe Merve Gürel; Xiangyu Qi; Luka Rimanic; Ce Zhang; Bo Li Adversarial purification with Score-based generative models. (89%)Jongmin Yoon; Sung Ju Hwang; Juho Lee Relaxing Local Robustness. (80%)Klas Leino; Matt Fredrikson TDGIA:Effective Injection Attacks on Graph Neural Networks. (76%)Xu Zou; Qinkai Zheng; Yuxiao Dong; Xinyu Guan; Evgeny Kharlamov; Jialiang Lu; Jie Tang Turn the Combination Lock: Learnable Textual Backdoor Attacks via Word Substitution. (56%)Fanchao Qi; Yuan Yao; Sophia Xu; Zhiyuan Liu; Maosong Sun CARTL: Cooperative Adversarially-Robust Transfer Learning. (8%)Dian Chen; Hongxin Hu; Qian Wang; Yinli Li; Cong Wang; Chao Shen; Qi Li A Shuffling Framework for Local Differential Privacy. (1%)Casey Meehan; Amrita Roy Chowdhury; Kamalika Chaudhuri; Somesh Jha 2021-06-10 Sparse and Imperceptible Adversarial Attack via a Homotopy Algorithm. (99%)Mingkang Zhu; Tianlong Chen; Zhangyang Wang Deep neural network loses attention to adversarial images. (99%)Shashank Kotyan; Danilo Vasconcellos Vargas Verifying Quantized Neural Networks using SMT-Based Model Checking. (86%)Luiz Sena; Xidan Song; Erickson Alves; Iury Bessa; Edoardo Manino; Lucas Cordeiro Progressive-Scale Boundary Blackbox Attack via Projective Gradient Estimation. (80%)Jiawei Zhang; Linyi Li; Huichen Li; Xiaolu Zhang; Shuang Yang; Bo Li An Ensemble Approach Towards Adversarial Robustness. (41%)Haifeng Qian Towards an Automated Pipeline for Detecting and Classifying Malware through Machine Learning. (1%)Nicola Loi; Claudio Borile; Daniele Ucci Fair Classification with Adversarial Perturbations. (1%)L. Elisa Celis; Anay Mehrotra; Nisheeth K. Vishnoi 2021-06-09 Towards Defending against Adversarial Examples via Attack-Invariant Features. (99%)Dawei Zhou; Tongliang Liu; Bo Han; Nannan Wang; Chunlei Peng; Xinbo Gao Improving White-box Robustness of Pre-processing Defenses via Joint Adversarial Training. (99%)Dawei Zhou; Nannan Wang; Xinbo Gao; Bo Han; Jun Yu; Xiaoyu Wang; Tongliang Liu Attacking Adversarial Attacks as A Defense. (99%)Boxi Wu; Heng Pan; Li Shen; Jindong Gu; Shuai Zhao; Zhifeng Li; Deng Cai; Xiaofei He; Wei Liu HASI: Hardware-Accelerated Stochastic Inference, A Defense Against Adversarial Machine Learning Attacks. (98%)Mohammad Hossein Samavatian; Saikat Majumdar; Kristin Barber; Radu Teodorescu We Can Always Catch You: Detecting Adversarial Patched Objects WITH or WITHOUT Signature. (98%)Bin Liang; Jiachun Li; Jianjun Huang Who Is the Strongest Enemy? Towards Optimal and Efficient Evasion Attacks in Deep RL. (88%)Yanchao Sun; Ruijie Zheng; Yongyuan Liang; Furong Huang URLTran: Improving Phishing URL Detection Using Transformers. (10%)Pranav Maneriker; Jack W. Stokes; Edir Garcia Lazo; Diana Carutasu; Farid Tajaddodianfar; Arun Gururajan ZoPE: A Fast Optimizer for ReLU Networks with Low-Dimensional Inputs. (3%)Christopher A. Strong; Sydney M. Katz; Anthony L. Corso; Mykel J. Kochenderfer Network insensitivity to parameter noise via adversarial regularization. (2%)Julian Bücher; Fynn Faber; Dylan R. Muir Practical Machine Learning Safety: A Survey and Primer. (2%)Sina Mohseni; Haotao Wang; Zhiding Yu; Chaowei Xiao; Zhangyang Wang; Jay Yadawa 2021-06-08 On Improving Adversarial Transferability of Vision Transformers. (99%)Muzammal Naseer; Kanchana Ranasinghe; Salman Khan; Fahad Shahbaz Khan; Fatih Porikli Simulated Adversarial Testing of Face Recognition Models. (99%)Nataniel Ruiz; Adam Kortylewski; Weichao Qiu; Cihang Xie; Sarah Adel Bargal; Alan Yuille; Stan Sclaroff Towards the Memorization Effect of Neural Networks in Adversarial Training. (93%)Han Xu; Xiaorui Liu; Wentao Wang; Wenbiao Ding; Zhongqin Wu; Zitao Liu; Anil Jain; Jiliang Tang Handcrafted Backdoors in Deep Neural Networks. (92%)Sanghyun Hong; Nicholas Carlini; Alexey Kurakin Enhancing Robustness of Neural Networks through Fourier Stabilization. (73%)Netanel Raviv; Aidan Kelley; Michael Guo; Yevgeny Vorobeychik Provably Robust Detection of Out-of-distribution Data (almost) for free. (1%)Alexander Meinke; Julian Bitterwolf; Matthias Hein 2021-06-07 Reveal of Vision Transformers Robustness against Adversarial Attacks. (99%)Ahmed Aldahdooh; Wassim Hamidouche; Olivier Deforges Adversarial Attack and Defense in Deep Ranking. (99%)Mo Zhou; Le Wang; Zhenxing Niu; Qilin Zhang; Nanning Zheng; Gang Hua Position Bias Mitigation: A Knowledge-Aware Graph Model for EmotionCause Extraction. (89%)Hanqi Yan; Lin Gui; Gabriele Pergola; Yulan He 3DB: A Framework for Debugging Computer Vision Models. (45%)Guillaume Leclerc; Hadi Salman; Andrew Ilyas; Sai Vemprala; Logan Engstrom; Vibhav Vineet; Kai Xiao; Pengchuan Zhang; Shibani Santurkar; Greg Yang; Ashish Kapoor; Aleksander Madry RoSearch: Search for Robust Student Architectures When Distilling Pre-trained Language Models. (11%)Xin Guo; Jianlei Yang; Haoyi Zhou; Xucheng Ye; Jianxin Li 2021-06-06 A Primer on Multi-Neuron Relaxation-based Adversarial Robustness Certification. (98%)Kevin Roth Zero-Shot Knowledge Distillation from a Decision-Based Black-Box Model. (4%)Zi Wang 2021-06-05 Ensemble Defense with Data Diversity: Weak Correlation Implies Strong Robustness. (92%)Renjue Li; Hanwei Zhang; Pengfei Yang; Cheng-Chao Huang; Aimin Zhou; Bai Xue; Lijun Zhang Robust Stochastic Linear Contextual Bandits Under Adversarial Attacks. (69%)Qin Ding; Cho-Jui Hsieh; James Sharpnack RDA: Robust Domain Adaptation via Fourier Adversarial Attacking. (2%)Jiaxing Huang; Dayan Guan; Aoran Xiao; Shijian Lu 2021-06-04 BO-DBA: Query-Efficient Decision-Based Adversarial Attacks via Bayesian Optimization. (99%)Zhuosheng Zhang; Shucheng Yu Revisiting Hilbert-Schmidt Information Bottleneck for Adversarial Robustness. (93%)Zifeng Wang; Tong Jian; Aria Masoomi; Stratis Ioannidis; Jennifer Dy Human-Adversarial Visual Question Answering. (31%)Sasha Sheng; Amanpreet Singh; Vedanuj Goswami; Jose Alberto Lopez Magana; Wojciech Galuba; Devi Parikh; Douwe Kiela DOCTOR: A Simple Method for Detecting Misclassification Errors. (1%)Federica Granese; Marco Romanelli; Daniele Gorla; Catuscia Palamidessi; Pablo Piantanida Teaching keyword spotters to spot new keywords with limited examples. (1%)Abhijeet Awasthi; Kevin Kilgour; Hassan Rom 2021-06-03 Improving the Transferability of Adversarial Examples with New Iteration Framework and Input Dropout. (99%)Pengfei Xie; Linyuan Wang; Ruoxi Qin; Kai Qiao; Shuhao Shi; Guoen Hu; Bin Yan Imperceptible Adversarial Examples for Fake Image Detection. (99%)Quanyu Liao; Yuezun Li; Xin Wang; Bin Kong; Bin Zhu; Siwei Lyu; Youbing Yin; Qi Song; Xi Wu A Little Robustness Goes a Long Way: Leveraging Universal Features for Targeted Transfer Attacks. (99%)Jacob M. Springer; Melanie Mitchell; Garrett T. Kenyon Transferable Adversarial Examples for Anchor Free Object Detection. (99%)Quanyu Liao; Xin Wang; Bin Kong; Siwei Lyu; Bin Zhu; Youbing Yin; Qi Song; Xi Wu Exploring Memorization in Adversarial Training. (98%)Yinpeng Dong; Ke Xu; Xiao Yang; Tianyu Pang; Zhijie Deng; Hang Su; Jun Zhu Defending against Backdoor Attacks in Natural Language Generation. (38%)Chun Fan; Xiaoya Li; Yuxian Meng; Xiaofei Sun; Xiang Ao; Fei Wu; Jiwei Li; Tianwei Zhang Robust Learning via Persistency of Excitation. (22%)Kaustubh Sridhar; Oleg Sokolsky; Insup Lee; James Weimer Sneak Attack against Mobile Robotic Networks under Formation Control. (1%)Yushan Li; Jianping He; Xuda Ding; Lin Cai; Xinping Guan 2021-06-02 PDPGD: Primal-Dual Proximal Gradient Descent Adversarial Attack. (99%)Alexander Matyasko; Lap-Pui Chau Towards Robustness of Text-to-SQL Models against Synonym Substitution. (75%)Yujian Gan; Xinyun Chen; Qiuping Huang; Matthew Purver; John R. Woodward; Jinxia Xie; Pengsheng Huang BERT-Defense: A Probabilistic Model Based on BERT to Combat Cognitively Inspired Orthographic Adversarial Attacks. (62%)Yannik Keller; Jan Mackensen; Steffen Eger 2021-06-01 Adversarial Defense for Automatic Speaker Verification by Self-Supervised Learning. (99%)Haibin Wu; Xu Li; Andy T. Liu; Zhiyong Wu; Helen Meng; Hung-yi Lee Improving Compositionality of Neural Networks by Decoding Representations to Inputs. (54%)Mike Wu; Noah Goodman; Stefano Ermon Markpainting: Adversarial Machine Learning meets Inpainting. (12%)David Khachaturov; Ilia Shumailov; Yiren Zhao; Nicolas Papernot; Ross Anderson On the Efficacy of Adversarial Data Collection for Question Answering: Results from a Large-Scale Randomized Study. (9%)Divyansh Kaushik; Douwe Kiela; Zachary C. Lipton; Wen-tau Yih Adversarial VQA: A New Benchmark for Evaluating the Robustness of VQA Models. (5%)Linjie Li; Jie Lei; Zhe Gan; Jingjing Liu Memory Wrap: a Data-Efficient and Interpretable Extension to Image Classification Models. (1%)Rosa Biagio La; Roberto Capobianco; Daniele Nardi Concurrent Adversarial Learning for Large-Batch Training. (1%)Yong Liu; Xiangning Chen; Minhao Cheng; Cho-Jui Hsieh; Yang You 2021-05-31 Adaptive Feature Alignment for Adversarial Training. (99%)Tao Wang; Ruixin Zhang; Xingyu Chen; Kai Zhao; Xiaolin Huang; Yuge Huang; Shaoxin Li; Jilin Li; Feiyue Huang QueryNet: An Efficient Attack Framework with Surrogates Carrying Multiple Identities. (99%)Sizhe Chen; Zhehao Huang; Qinghua Tao; Xiaolin Huang Transferable Sparse Adversarial Attack. (99%)Ziwen He; Wei Wang; Jing Dong; Tieniu Tan Adversarial Training with Rectified Rejection. (87%)Tianyu Pang; Huishuai Zhang; Di He; Yinpeng Dong; Hang Su; Wei Chen; Jun Zhu; Tie-Yan Liu Robustifying $\ell_\infty$ Adversarial Training to the Union of Perturbation Models. (82%)Ameya D. Patil; Michael Tuttle; Alexander G. Schwing; Naresh R. Shanbhag Dominant Patterns: Critical Features Hidden in Deep Neural Networks. (80%)Zhixing Ye; Shaofei Qin; Sizhe Chen; Xiaolin Huang Exploration and Exploitation: Two Ways to Improve Chinese Spelling Correction Models. (75%)Chong Li; Cenyuan Zhang; Xiaoqing Zheng; Xuanjing Huang Gradient-based Data Subversion Attack Against Binary Classifiers. (73%)Rosni K Vasu; Sanjay Seetharaman; Shubham Malaviya; Manish Shukla; Sachin Lodha DISSECT: Disentangled Simultaneous Explanations via Concept Traversals. (1%)Asma Ghandeharioun; Been Kim; Chun-Liang Li; Brendan Jou; Brian Eoff; Rosalind W. Picard The effectiveness of feature attribution methods and its correlation with automatic evaluation scores. (1%)Giang Nguyen; Daeyoung Kim; Anh Nguyen 2021-05-30 Generating Adversarial Examples with Graph Neural Networks. (99%)Florian Jaeckle; M. Pawan Kumar Defending Pre-trained Language Models from Adversarial Word Substitutions Without Performance Sacrifice. (98%)Rongzhou Bao; Jiayi Wang; Hai Zhao Evaluating Resilience of Encrypted Traffic Classification Against Adversarial Evasion Attacks. (62%)Ramy Maarouf; Danish Sattar; Ashraf Matrawy NoiLIn: Do Noisy Labels Always Hurt Adversarial Training? (26%)Jingfeng Zhang; Xilie Xu; Bo Han; Tongliang Liu; Gang Niu; Lizhen Cui; Masashi Sugiyama DAAIN: Detection of Anomalous and Adversarial Input using Normalizing Flows. (12%)Baußnern Samuel von; Johannes Otterbach; Adrian Loy; Mathieu Salzmann; Thomas Wollmann 2021-05-29 Detecting Backdoor in Deep Neural Networks via Intentional Adversarial Perturbations. (99%)Mingfu Xue; Yinghao Wu; Zhiyu Wu; Jian Wang; Yushu Zhang; Weiqiang Liu Analysis and Applications of Class-wise Robustness in Adversarial Training. (99%)Qi Tian; Kun Kuang; Kelu Jiang; Fei Wu; Yisen Wang A Measurement Study on the (In)security of End-of-Life (EoL) Embedded Devices. (2%)Dingding Wang; Muhui Jiang; Rui Chang; Yajin Zhou; Baolei Hou; Xiapu Luo; Lei Wu; Kui Ren 2021-05-28 Demotivate adversarial defense in remote sensing. (99%)Adrien Chan-Hon-Tong; Gaston Lenczner; Aurelien Plyer AdvParams: An Active DNN Intellectual Property Protection Technique via Adversarial Perturbation Based Parameter Encryption. (92%)Mingfu Xue; Zhiyu Wu; Jian Wang; Yushu Zhang; Weiqiang Liu Robust Regularization with Adversarial Labelling of Perturbed Samples. (83%)Xiaohui Guo; Richong Zhang; Yaowei Zheng; Yongyi Mao SafeAMC: Adversarial training for robust modulation recognition models. (83%)Javier Maroto; Gérôme Bovet; Pascal Frossard Towards optimally abstaining from prediction. (78%)Adam Tauman Kalai; Varun Kanade Rethinking Noisy Label Models: Labeler-Dependent Noise with Adversarial Awareness. (76%)Glenn Dawson; Robi Polikar Visualizing Representations of Adversarially Perturbed Inputs. (68%)Daniel Steinberg; Paul Munro Chromatic and spatial analysis of one-pixel attacks against an image classifier. (15%)Janne Alatalo; Joni Korpihalkola; Tuomo Sipola; Tero Kokkonen DeepMoM: Robust Deep Learning With Median-of-Means. (1%)Shih-Ting Huang; Johannes Lederer 2021-05-27 A BIC based Mixture Model Defense against Data Poisoning Attacks on Classifiers. (84%)Xi Li; David J. Miller; Zhen Xiang; George Kesidis 2021-05-26 Deep Repulsive Prototypes for Adversarial Robustness. (99%)Alex Serban; Erik Poll; Joost Visser Adversarial Attack Framework on Graph Embedding Models with Limited Knowledge. (98%)Heng Chang; Yu Rong; Tingyang Xu; Wenbing Huang; Honglei Zhang; Peng Cui; Xin Wang; Wenwu Zhu; Junzhou Huang Adversarial robustness against multiple $l_p$-threat models at the price of one and how to quickly fine-tune robust models to another threat model. (76%)Francesco Croce; Matthias Hein Hidden Killer: Invisible Textual Backdoor Attacks with Syntactic Trigger. (61%)Fanchao Qi; Mukai Li; Yangyi Chen; Zhengyan Zhang; Zhiyuan Liu; Yasheng Wang; Maosong Sun Fooling Partial Dependence via Data Poisoning. (13%)Hubert Baniecki; Wojciech Kretowicz; Przemyslaw Biecek 2021-05-25 Practical Convex Formulation of Robust One-hidden-layer Neural Network Training. (98%)Yatong Bai; Tanmay Gautam; Yu Gai; Somayeh Sojoudi Adversarial Attack Driven Data Augmentation for Accurate And Robust Medical Image Segmentation. (98%)Mst. Tasnim Pervin; Linmi Tao; Aminul Huq; Zuoxiang He; Li Huo Honest-but-Curious Nets: Sensitive Attributes of Private Inputs can be Secretly Coded into the Entropy of Classifiers' Outputs. (62%)Mohammad Malekzadeh; Anastasia Borovykh; Deniz Gündüz Robust Value Iteration for Continuous Control Tasks. (9%)Michael Lutter; Shie Mannor; Jan Peters; Dieter Fox; Animesh Garg 2021-05-24 OFEI: A Semi-black-box Android Adversarial Sample Attack Framework Against DLaaS. (99%)Guangquan Xu; GuoHua Xin; Litao Jiao; Jian Liu; Shaoying Liu; Meiqi Feng; Xi Zheng Learning Security Classifiers with Verified Global Robustness Properties. (92%)Yizheng Chen; Shiqi Wang; Yue Qin; Xiaojing Liao; Suman Jana; David Wagner Feature Space Targeted Attacks by Statistic Alignment. (82%)Lianli Gao; Yaya Cheng; Qilong Zhang; Xing Xu; Jingkuan Song Improved OOD Generalization via Adversarial Training and Pre-training. (12%)Mingyang Yi; Lu Hou; Jiacheng Sun; Lifeng Shang; Xin Jiang; Qun Liu; Zhi-Ming Ma Out-of-Distribution Detection in Dermatology using Input Perturbation and Subset Scanning. (5%)Hannah Kim; Girmaw Abebe Tadesse; Celia Cintas; Skyler Speakman; Kush Varshney Every Byte Matters: Traffic Analysis of Bluetooth Wearable Devices. (1%)Ludovic Barman; Alexandre Dumur; Apostolos Pyrgelis; Jean-Pierre Hubaux Dissecting Click Fraud Autonomy in the Wild. (1%)Tong Zhu; Yan Meng; Haotian Hu; Xiaokuan Zhang; Minhui Xue; Haojin Zhu Using Adversarial Attacks to Reveal the Statistical Bias in Machine Reading Comprehension Models. (1%)Jieyu Lin; Jiajie Zou; Nai Ding 2021-05-23 Killing Two Birds with One Stone: Stealing Model and Inferring Attribute from BERT-based APIs. (92%)Lingjuan Lyu; Xuanli He; Fangzhao Wu; Lichao Sun CMUA-Watermark: A Cross-Model Universal Adversarial Watermark for Combating Deepfakes. (92%)Hao Huang; Yongtao Wang; Zhaoyu Chen; Yuheng Li; Zhi Tang; Wei Chu; Jingdong Chen; Weisi Lin; Kai-Kuang Ma Regularization Can Help Mitigate Poisoning Attacks... with the Right Hyperparameters. (12%)Javier Carnerero-Cano; Luis Muñoz-González; Phillippa Spencer; Emil C. Lupu 2021-05-22 Adversarial Attacks and Mitigation for Anomaly Detectors of Cyber-Physical Systems. (99%)Yifan Jia; Jingyi Wang; Christopher M. Poskitt; Sudipta Chattopadhyay; Jun Sun; Yuqi Chen Exploring Robustness of Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation. (98%)Jinyu Yang; Chunyuan Li; Weizhi An; Hehuan Ma; Yuzhi Guo; Yu Rong; Peilin Zhao; Junzhou Huang Securing Optical Networks using Quantum-secured Blockchain: An Overview. (1%)Purva Sharma; Vimal Bhatia; Shashi Prakash 2021-05-21 ReLUSyn: Synthesizing Stealthy Attacks for Deep Neural Network Based Cyber-Physical Systems. (81%)Aarti Kashyap; Syed Mubashir Iqbal; Karthik Pattabiraman; Margo Seltzer Exploring Misclassifications of Robust Neural Networks to Enhance Adversarial Attacks. (76%)Leo Schwinn; René Raab; An Nguyen; Dario Zanca; Bjoern Eskofier Backdoor Attacks on Self-Supervised Learning. (47%)Aniruddha Saha; Ajinkya Tejankar; Soroush Abbasi Koohpayegani; Hamed Pirsiavash Intriguing Properties of Vision Transformers. (8%)Muzammal Naseer; Kanchana Ranasinghe; Salman Khan; Munawar Hayat; Fahad Shahbaz Khan; Ming-Hsuan Yang Explainable Enterprise Credit Rating via Deep Feature Crossing Network. (1%)Weiyu Guo; Zhijiang Yang; Shu Wu; Fu Chen 2021-05-20 Simple Transparent Adversarial Examples. (99%)Jaydeep Borkar; Pin-Yu Chen Anomaly Detection of Test-Time Evasion Attacks using Class-conditional Generative Adversarial Networks. (86%)Hang Wang; David J. Miller; George Kesidis Preventing Machine Learning Poisoning Attacks Using Authentication and Provenance. (11%)Jack W. Stokes; Paul England; Kevin Kane TestRank: Bringing Order into Unlabeled Test Instances for Deep Learning Tasks. (1%)Yu Li; Min Li; Qiuxia Lai; Yannan Liu; Qiang Xu 2021-05-19 Attack on practical speaker verification system using universal adversarial perturbations. (99%)Weiyi Zhang; Shuning Zhao; Le Liu; Jianmin Li; Xingliang Cheng; Thomas Fang Zheng; Xiaolin Hu Local Aggressive Adversarial Attacks on 3D Point Cloud. (99%)Yiming Sun; Feng Chen; Zhiyu Chen; Mingjie Wang; Ruonan Li An Orthogonal Classifier for Improving the Adversarial Robustness of Neural Networks. (76%)Cong Xu; Xiang Li; Min Yang Balancing Robustness and Sensitivity using Feature Contrastive Learning. (15%)Seungyeon Kim; Daniel Glasner; Srikumar Ramalingam; Cho-Jui Hsieh; Kishore Papineni; Sanjiv Kumar DeepStrike: Remotely-Guided Fault Injection Attacks on DNN Accelerator in Cloud-FPGA. (1%)Yukui Luo; Cheng Gongye; Yunsi Fei; Xiaolin Xu User Label Leakage from Gradients in Federated Learning. (1%)Aidmar Wainakh; Fabrizio Ventola; Till Müßig; Jens Keim; Carlos Garcia Cordero; Ephraim Zimmer; Tim Grube; Kristian Kersting; Max Mühlhäuser 2021-05-18 Sparta: Spatially Attentive and Adversarially Robust Activation. (99%)Qing Guo; Felix Juefei-Xu; Changqing Zhou; Yang Liu; Song Wang Detecting Adversarial Examples with Bayesian Neural Network. (99%)Yao Li; Tongyi Tang; Cho-Jui Hsieh; Thomas C. M. Lee Fighting Gradients with Gradients: Dynamic Defenses against Adversarial Attacks. (98%)Dequan Wang; An Ju; Evan Shelhamer; David Wagner; Trevor Darrell On the Robustness of Domain Constraints. (98%)Ryan Sheatsley; Blaine Hoak; Eric Pauley; Yohan Beugin; Michael J. Weisman; Patrick McDaniel Learning and Certification under Instance-targeted Poisoning. (82%)Ji Gao; Amin Karbasi; Mohammad Mahmoody 2021-05-17 Towards Robust Vision Transformer. (95%)Xiaofeng Mao; Gege Qi; Yuefeng Chen; Xiaodan Li; Ranjie Duan; Shaokai Ye; Yuan He; Hui Xue Gradient Masking and the Underestimated Robustness Threats of Differential Privacy in Deep Learning. (93%)Franziska Boenisch; Philip Sperl; Konstantin Böttinger An SDE Framework for Adversarial Training, with Convergence and Robustness Analysis. (69%)Haotian Gu; Xin Guo 2021-05-16 Vision Transformers are Robust Learners. (99%)Sayak Paul; Pin-Yu Chen Prototype-supervised Adversarial Network for Targeted Attack of Deep Hashing. (99%)Xunguang Wang; Zheng Zhang; Baoyuan Wu; Fumin Shen; Guangming Lu SoundFence: Securing Ultrasonic Sensors in Vehicles Using Physical-Layer Defense. (2%)Jianzhi Lou; Qiben Yan; Qing Hui; Huacheng Zeng 2021-05-15 Real-time Detection of Practical Universal Adversarial Perturbations. (99%)Kenneth T. Co; Luis Muñoz-González; Leslie Kanthan; Emil C. Lupu 2021-05-14 Salient Feature Extractor for Adversarial Defense on Deep Neural Networks. 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Coull; Battista Biggio; Giovanni Lagorio; Alessandro Armando; Fabio Roli Robustness Verification of Quantum Classifiers. 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S.; Arya Baburaj; Gaurang Sriramanan; R. 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