A Complete List of All (arXiv) Adversarial Example Papers

by Nicholas Carlini 2019-06-15

It can be hard to stay up-to-date on the published papers in the field of adversarial examples, where we have seen massive growth in the number of papers written each year. I have been somewhat religiously keeping track of these papers for the last few years, and realized it may be helpful for others to release this list.

The only requirement I used for selecting papers for this list is that it is primarily a paper about adversarial examples, or extensively uses adversarial examples. Due to the sheer quantity of papers, I can't guarantee that I actually have found all of them.

But I did try.

I also may have included papers that don't match these criteria (and are about something different instead), or made inconsistent judgement calls as to whether or not any given paper is mainly an adversarial example paper. Send me an email if something is wrong and I'll correct it.

As a result, this list is completely un-filtered. Everything that mainly presents itself as an adversarial example paper is listed here; I pass no judgement of quality. For a curated list of papers that I think are excellent and worth reading, see the Adversarial Machine Learning Reading List.

One final note about the data. This list automatically updates with new papers, even before I get a chance to manually filter through them. I do this filtering roughly twice a week, and it's then that I'll remove the ones that aren't related to adversarial examples. As a result, there may be some false positives on the most recent few entries. The new un-verified entries will have a probability indicated that my simplistic (but reasonably well calibrated) bag-of-words classifier believes the given paper is actually about adversarial examples.

The full paper list appears below. I've also released a TXT file (and a TXT file with abstracts) and a JSON file with the same data. If you do anything interesting with this data I'd be happy to hear from you what it was.

Paper List

2023-03-30 Adversarial Attack and Defense for Dehazing Networks. (97%)Jie Gui; Xiaofeng Cong; Chengwei Peng; Yuan Yan Tang; James Tin-Yau Kwok Understanding the Robustness of 3D Object Detection with Bird's-Eye-View Representations in Autonomous Driving. (81%)Zijian Zhu; Yichi Zhang; Hai Chen; Yinpeng Dong; Shu Zhao; Wenbo Ding; Jiachen Zhong; Shibao Zheng Robo3D: Towards Robust and Reliable 3D Perception against Corruptions. (2%)Lingdong Kong; Youquan Liu; Xin Li; Runnan Chen; Wenwei Zhang; Jiawei Ren; Liang Pan; Kai Chen; Ziwei Liu Explainable Intrusion Detection Systems Using Competitive Learning Techniques. (1%)Jesse Ables; Thomas Kirby; Sudip Mittal; Ioana Banicescu; Shahram Rahimi; William Anderson; Maria Seale Differential Area Analysis for Ransomware: Attacks, Countermeasures, and Limitations. (1%)Marco Venturini; Francesco Freda; Emanuele Miotto; Alberto Giaretta; Mauro Conti 2023-03-29 Latent Feature Relation Consistency for Adversarial Robustness. (99%)Xingbin Liu; Huafeng Kuang; Hong Liu; Xianming Lin; Yongjian Wu; Rongrong Ji Beyond Empirical Risk Minimization: Local Structure Preserving Regularization for Improving Adversarial Robustness. (99%)Wei Wei; Jiahuan Zhou; Ying Wu Targeted Adversarial Attacks on Wind Power Forecasts. (88%)René Heinrich; Christoph Scholz; Stephan Vogt; Malte Lehna ImageNet-E: Benchmarking Neural Network Robustness via Attribute Editing. (56%)Xiaodan Li; Yuefeng Chen; Yao Zhu; Shuhui Wang; Rong Zhang; Hui Xue Graph Neural Networks for Hardware Vulnerability Analysis -- Can you Trust your GNN? (16%)Lilas Alrahis; Ozgur Sinanoglu Mole Recruitment: Poisoning of Image Classifiers via Selective Batch Sampling. (10%)Ethan Wisdom; Tejas Gokhale; Chaowei Xiao; Yezhou Yang A Tensor-based Convolutional Neural Network for Small Dataset Classification. (2%)Zhenhua Chen; David Crandall ALUM: Adversarial Data Uncertainty Modeling from Latent Model Uncertainty Compensation. (1%)Wei Wei; Jiahuan Zhou; Hongze Li; Ying Wu 2023-03-28 A Pilot Study of Query-Free Adversarial Attack against Stable Diffusion. (99%)Haomin Zhuang; Yihua Zhang; Sijia Liu Improving the Transferability of Adversarial Samples by Path-Augmented Method. (99%)Jianping Zhang; Jen-tse Huang; Wenxuan Wang; Yichen Li; Weibin Wu; Xiaosen Wang; Yuxin Su; Michael R. Lyu Towards Effective Adversarial Textured 3D Meshes on Physical Face Recognition. (99%)Xiao Yang; Chang Liu; Longlong Xu; Yikai Wang; Yinpeng Dong; Ning Chen; Hang Su; Jun Zhu Transferable Adversarial Attacks on Vision Transformers with Token Gradient Regularization. (98%)Jianping Zhang; Yizhan Huang; Weibin Wu; Michael R. Lyu Denoising Autoencoder-based Defensive Distillation as an Adversarial Robustness Algorithm. (98%)Bakary Badjie; José Cecílio; António Casimiro TransAudio: Towards the Transferable Adversarial Audio Attack via Learning Contextualized Perturbations. (98%)Qi Gege; Yuefeng Chen; Xiaofeng Mao; Yao Zhu; Binyuan Hui; Xiaodan Li; Rong Zhang; Hui Xue A Survey on Malware Detection with Graph Representation Learning. (41%)Tristan Bilot; Nour El Madhoun; Khaldoun Al Agha; Anis Zouaoui Provable Robustness for Streaming Models with a Sliding Window. (15%)Aounon Kumar; Vinu Sankar Sadasivan; Soheil Feizi On the Use of Reinforcement Learning for Attacking and Defending Load Frequency Control. (3%)Amr S. Mohamed; Deepa Kundur A Universal Identity Backdoor Attack against Speaker Verification based on Siamese Network. (1%)Haodong Zhao; Wei Du; Junjie Guo; Gongshen Liu 2023-03-27 Classifier Robustness Enhancement Via Test-Time Transformation. (99%)Tsachi Blau; Roy Ganz; Chaim Baskin; Michael Elad; Alex Bronstein Improving the Transferability of Adversarial Examples via Direction Tuning. (99%)Xiangyuan Yang; Jie Lin; Hanlin Zhang; Xinyu Yang; Peng Zhao EMShepherd: Detecting Adversarial Samples via Side-channel Leakage. (99%)Ruyi Ding; Cheng Gongye; Siyue Wang; Aidong Ding; Yunsi Fei Learning the Unlearnable: Adversarial Augmentations Suppress Unlearnable Example Attacks. (97%)Tianrui Qin; Xitong Gao; Juanjuan Zhao; Kejiang Ye; Cheng-Zhong Xu CAT:Collaborative Adversarial Training. (69%)Xingbin Liu; Huafeng Kuang; Xianming Lin; Yongjian Wu; Rongrong Ji Diffusion Denoised Smoothing for Certified and Adversarial Robust Out-Of-Distribution Detection. (67%)Nicola Franco; Daniel Korth; Jeanette Miriam Lorenz; Karsten Roscher; Stephan Guennemann Personalized Federated Learning on Long-Tailed Data via Adversarial Feature Augmentation. (41%)Yang Lu; Pinxin Qian; Gang Huang; Hanzi Wang Mask and Restore: Blind Backdoor Defense at Test Time with Masked Autoencoder. (41%)Tao Sun; Lu Pang; Chao Chen; Haibin Ling Sequential training of GANs against GAN-classifiers reveals correlated "knowledge gaps" present among independently trained GAN instances. (41%)Arkanath Pathak; Nicholas Dufour Anti-DreamBooth: Protecting users from personalized text-to-image synthesis. (5%)Le Thanh Van; Hao Phung; Thuan Hoang Nguyen; Quan Dao; Ngoc Tran; Anh Tran 2023-03-26 MGTBench: Benchmarking Machine-Generated Text Detection. (26%)Xinlei He; Xinyue Shen; Zeyuan Chen; Michael Backes; Yang Zhang 2023-03-25 CFA: Class-wise Calibrated Fair Adversarial Training. (98%)Zeming Wei; Yifei Wang; Yiwen Guo; Yisen Wang PORE: Provably Robust Recommender Systems against Data Poisoning Attacks. (68%)Jinyuan Jia; Yupei Liu; Yuepeng Hu; Neil Zhenqiang Gong Improving robustness of jet tagging algorithms with adversarial training: exploring the loss surface. (12%)Annika Stein 2023-03-24 PIAT: Parameter Interpolation based Adversarial Training for Image Classification. (99%)Kun He; Xin Liu; Yichen Yang; Zhou Qin; Weigao Wen; Hui Xue; John E. Hopcroft How many dimensions are required to find an adversarial example? (99%)Charles Godfrey; Henry Kvinge; Elise Bishoff; Myles Mckay; Davis Brown; Tim Doster; Eleanor Byler Effective black box adversarial attack with handcrafted kernels. (99%)Petr Dvořáček; Petr Hurtik; Petra Števuliáková Adversarial Attack and Defense for Medical Image Analysis: Methods and Applications. (99%)Junhao Dong; Junxi Chen; Xiaohua Xie; Jianhuang Lai; Hao Chen Improved Adversarial Training Through Adaptive Instance-wise Loss Smoothing. (99%)Lin Li; Michael Spratling Feature Separation and Recalibration for Adversarial Robustness. (98%)Woo Jae Kim; Yoonki Cho; Junsik Jung; Sung-Eui Yoon Physically Adversarial Infrared Patches with Learnable Shapes and Locations. (97%)Wei Xingxing; Yu Jie; Huang Yao Generalist: Decoupling Natural and Robust Generalization. (96%)Hongjun Wang; Yisen Wang Ensemble-based Blackbox Attacks on Dense Prediction. (86%)Zikui Cai; Yaoteng Tan; M. Salman Asif Backdoor Attacks with Input-unique Triggers in NLP. (54%)Xukun Zhou; Jiwei Li; Tianwei Zhang; Lingjuan Lyu; Muqiao Yang; Jun He PoisonedGNN: Backdoor Attack on Graph Neural Networks-based Hardware Security Systems. (22%)Lilas Alrahis; Satwik Patnaik; Muhammad Abdullah Hanif; Muhammad Shafique; Ozgur Sinanoglu Enhancing Multiple Reliability Measures via Nuisance-extended Information Bottleneck. (5%)Jongheon Jeong; Sihyun Yu; Hankook Lee; Jinwoo Shin Optimal Smoothing Distribution Exploration for Backdoor Neutralization in Deep Learning-based Traffic Systems. (2%)Yue Wang; Wending Li; Michail Maniatakos; Saif Eddin Jabari TRAK: Attributing Model Behavior at Scale. (1%)Sung Min Park; Kristian Georgiev; Andrew Ilyas; Guillaume Leclerc; Aleksander Madry 2023-03-23 Watch Out for the Confusing Faces: Detecting Face Swapping with the Probability Distribution of Face Identification Models. (68%)Yuxuan Duan; Xuhong Zhang; Chuer Yu; Zonghui Wang; Shouling Ji; Wenzhi Chen Quadratic Graph Attention Network (Q-GAT) for Robust Construction of Gene Regulatory Networks. (50%)Hui Zhang; Xuexin An; Qiang He; Yudong Yao; Feng-Lei Fan; Yueyang Teng Optimization and Optimizers for Adversarial Robustness. (41%)Hengyue Liang; Buyun Liang; Le Peng; Ying Cui; Tim Mitchell; Ju Sun Adversarial Robustness and Feature Impact Analysis for Driver Drowsiness Detection. (41%)João Vitorino; Lourenço Rodrigues; Eva Maia; Isabel Praça; André Lourenço Paraphrasing evades detectors of AI-generated text, but retrieval is an effective defense. (15%)Kalpesh Krishna; Yixiao Song; Marzena Karpinska; John Wieting; Mohit Iyyer Decentralized Adversarial Training over Graphs. (13%)Ying Cao; Elsa Rizk; Stefan Vlaski; Ali H. Sayed Don't FREAK Out: A Frequency-Inspired Approach to Detecting Backdoor Poisoned Samples in DNNs. (8%)Hasan Abed Al Kader Hammoud; Adel Bibi; Philip H. S. Torr; Bernard Ghanem Low-frequency Image Deep Steganography: Manipulate the Frequency Distribution to Hide Secrets with Tenacious Robustness. (1%)Huajie Chen; Tianqing Zhu; Yuan Zhao; Bo Liu; Xin Yu; Wanlei Zhou Efficient Symbolic Reasoning for Neural-Network Verification. (1%)Zi Dj Wang; Somesh Dj Jha; Dj Krishnamurthy; Dvijotham 2023-03-22 Reliable and Efficient Evaluation of Adversarial Robustness for Deep Hashing-Based Retrieval. (99%)Xunguang Wang; Jiawang Bai; Xinyue Xu; Xiaomeng Li Semantic Image Attack for Visual Model Diagnosis. (99%)Jinqi Luo; Zhaoning Wang; Chen Henry Wu; Dong Huang; la Torre Fernando De Revisiting DeepFool: generalization and improvement. (99%)Alireza Abdollahpourrostam; Mahed Abroshan; Seyed-Mohsen Moosavi-Dezfooli Wasserstein Adversarial Examples on Univariant Time Series Data. (99%)Wenjie Wang; Li Xiong; Jian Lou Test-time Defense against Adversarial Attacks: Detection and Reconstruction of Adversarial Examples via Masked Autoencoder. (99%)Yun-Yun Tsai; Ju-Chin Chao; Albert Wen; Zhaoyuan Yang; Chengzhi Mao; Tapan Shah; Junfeng Yang Sibling-Attack: Rethinking Transferable Adversarial Attacks against Face Recognition. (78%)Zexin Li; Bangjie Yin; Taiping Yao; Juefeng Guo; Shouhong Ding; Simin Chen; Cong Liu An Extended Study of Human-like Behavior under Adversarial Training. (76%)Paul Gavrikov; Janis Keuper; Margret Keuper Distribution-restrained Softmax Loss for the Model Robustness. (38%)Hao Wang; Chen Li; Jinzhe Jiang; Xin Zhang; Yaqian Zhao; Weifeng Gong Backdoor Defense via Adaptively Splitting Poisoned Dataset. (16%)Kuofeng Gao; Yang Bai; Jindong Gu; Yong Yang; Shu-Tao Xia Edge Deep Learning Model Protection via Neuron Authorization. (11%)Jinyin Chen; Haibin Zheng; Tao Liu; Rongchang Li; Yao Cheng; Xuhong Zhang; Shouling Ji 2023-03-21 State-of-the-art optical-based physical adversarial attacks for deep learning computer vision systems. (99%)Junbin Fang; You Jiang; Canjian Jiang; Zoe L. Jiang; Siu-Ming Yiu; Chuanyi Liu Information-containing Adversarial Perturbation for Combating Facial Manipulation Systems. (99%)Yao Zhu; Yuefeng Chen; Xiaodan Li; Rong Zhang; Xiang Tian; Bolun Zheng; Yaowu Chen OTJR: Optimal Transport Meets Optimal Jacobian Regularization for Adversarial Robustness. (99%)Binh M. Le; Shahroz Tariq; Simon S. Woo Efficient Decision-based Black-box Patch Attacks on Video Recognition. (98%)Kaixun Jiang; Zhaoyu Chen; Tony Huang; Jiafeng Wang; Dingkang Yang; Bo Li; Yan Wang; Wenqiang Zhang Black-box Backdoor Defense via Zero-shot Image Purification. (86%)Yucheng Shi; Mengnan Du; Xuansheng Wu; Zihan Guan; Ninghao Liu Model Robustness Meets Data Privacy: Adversarial Robustness Distillation without Original Data. (10%)Yuzheng Wang; Zhaoyu Chen; Dingkang Yang; Pinxue Guo; Kaixun Jiang; Wenqiang Zhang; Lizhe Qi Influencer Backdoor Attack on Semantic Segmentation. (8%)Haoheng Lan; Jindong Gu; Philip Torr; Hengshuang Zhao Poisoning Attacks in Federated Edge Learning for Digital Twin 6G-enabled IoTs: An Anticipatory Study. (1%)Mohamed Amine Ferrag; Burak Kantarci; Lucas C. Cordeiro; Merouane Debbah; Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo 2023-03-20 Adversarial Robustness of Learning-based Static Malware Classifiers. (99%)Shoumik Saha; Wenxiao Wang; Yigitcan Kaya; Soheil Feizi TWINS: A Fine-Tuning Framework for Improved Transferability of Adversarial Robustness and Generalization. (99%)Ziquan Liu; Yi Xu; Xiangyang Ji; Antoni B. Chan Adversarial Attacks against Binary Similarity Systems. (99%)Gianluca Capozzi; Daniele Cono D'Elia; Luna Giuseppe Antonio Di; Leonardo Querzoni Translate your gibberish: black-box adversarial attack on machine translation systems. (83%)Andrei Chertkov; Olga Tsymboi; Mikhail Pautov; Ivan Oseledets GNN-Ensemble: Towards Random Decision Graph Neural Networks. (56%)Wenqi Wei; Mu Qiao; Divyesh Jadav Benchmarking Robustness of 3D Object Detection to Common Corruptions in Autonomous Driving. (41%)Yinpeng Dong; Caixin Kang; Jinlai Zhang; Zijian Zhu; Yikai Wang; Xiao Yang; Hang Su; Xingxing Wei; Jun Zhu Did You Train on My Dataset? Towards Public Dataset Protection with Clean-Label Backdoor Watermarking. (9%)Ruixiang Tang; Qizhang Feng; Ninghao Liu; Fan Yang; Xia Hu Boosting Semi-Supervised Learning by Exploiting All Unlabeled Data. (2%)Yuhao Chen; Xin Tan; Borui Zhao; Zhaowei Chen; Renjie Song; Jiajun Liang; Xuequan Lu Robustifying Token Attention for Vision Transformers. (1%)Yong Guo; David Stutz; Bernt Schiele 2023-03-19 Randomized Adversarial Training via Taylor Expansion. (99%)Gaojie Jin; Xinping Yi; Dengyu Wu; Ronghui Mu; Xiaowei Huang AdaptGuard: Defending Against Universal Attacks for Model Adaptation. (82%)Lijun Sheng; Jian Liang; Ran He; Zilei Wang; Tieniu Tan 2023-03-18 NoisyHate: Benchmarking Content Moderation Machine Learning Models with Human-Written Perturbations Online. (98%)Yiran Ye; Thai Le; Dongwon Lee FedRight: An Effective Model Copyright Protection for Federated Learning. (96%)Jinyin Chen; Mingjun Li; Mingjun Li; Haibin Zheng 2023-03-17 Fuzziness-tuned: Improving the Transferability of Adversarial Examples. (99%)Xiangyuan Yang; Jie Lin; Hanlin Zhang; Xinyu Yang; Peng Zhao Robust Mode Connectivity-Oriented Adversarial Defense: Enhancing Neural Network Robustness Against Diversified $\ell_p$ Attacks. (99%)Ren Wang; Yuxuan Li; Sijia Liu It Is All About Data: A Survey on the Effects of Data on Adversarial Robustness. (98%)Peiyu Xiong; Michael Tegegn; Jaskeerat Singh Sarin; Shubhraneel Pal; Julia Rubin Detection of Uncertainty in Exceedance of Threshold (DUET): An Adversarial Patch Localizer. (83%)Terence Jie Chua; Wenhan Yu; Jun Zhao Adversarial Counterfactual Visual Explanations. (31%)Guillaume Jeanneret; Loïc Simon; Frédéric Jurie MedLocker: A Transferable Adversarial Watermarking for Preventing Unauthorized Analysis of Medical Image Dataset. (16%)Bangzheng Pu; Xingxing Wei; Shiji Zhao; Huazhu Fu Can AI-Generated Text be Reliably Detected? (13%)Vinu Sankar Sadasivan; Aounon Kumar; Sriram Balasubramanian; Wenxiao Wang; Soheil Feizi Mobile Edge Adversarial Detection for Digital Twinning to the Metaverse with Deep Reinforcement Learning. (9%)Terence Jie Chua; Wenhan Yu; Jun Zhao Moving Target Defense for Service-oriented Mission-critical Networks. (1%)Doğanalp Ergenç; Florian Schneider; Peter Kling; Mathias Fischer 2023-03-16 Rethinking Model Ensemble in Transfer-based Adversarial Attacks. (99%)Huanran Chen; Yichi Zhang; Yinpeng Dong; Jun Zhu Image Classifiers Leak Sensitive Attributes About Their Classes. (68%)Lukas Struppek; Dominik Hintersdorf; Felix Friedrich; Manuel Brack; Patrick Schramowski; Kristian Kersting Among Us: Adversarially Robust Collaborative Perception by Consensus. (67%)Yiming Li; Qi Fang; Jiamu Bai; Siheng Chen; Felix Juefei-Xu; Chen Feng Exorcising ''Wraith'': Protecting LiDAR-based Object Detector in Automated Driving System from Appearing Attacks. (50%)Qifan Xiao; Xudong Pan; Yifan Lu; Mi Zhang; Jiarun Dai; Min Yang Rethinking White-Box Watermarks on Deep Learning Models under Neural Structural Obfuscation. (11%)Yifan Yan; Xudong Pan; Mi Zhang; Min Yang 2023-03-15 Black-box Adversarial Example Attack towards FCG Based Android Malware Detection under Incomplete Feature Information. (99%)Heng Li; Zhang Cheng; Bang Wu; Liheng Yuan; Cuiying Gao; Wei Yuan; Xiapu Luo Robust Evaluation of Diffusion-Based Adversarial Purification. (83%)Minjong Lee; Dongwoo Kim DeeBBAA: A benchmark Deep Black Box Adversarial Attack against Cyber-Physical Power Systems. (81%)Arnab Bhattacharjee; Tapan K. Saha; Ashu Verma; Sukumar Mishra The Devil's Advocate: Shattering the Illusion of Unexploitable Data using Diffusion Models. (62%)Hadi M. Dolatabadi; Sarah Erfani; Christopher Leckie EvalAttAI: A Holistic Approach to Evaluating Attribution Maps in Robust and Non-Robust Models. (45%)Ian E. Nielsen; Ravi P. Ramachandran; Nidhal Bouaynaya; Hassan M. Fathallah-Shaykh; Ghulam Rasool Certifiable (Multi)Robustness Against Patch Attacks Using ERM. (10%)Saba Ahmadi; Avrim Blum; Omar Montasser; Kevin Stangl Reinforce Data, Multiply Impact: Improved Model Accuracy and Robustness with Dataset Reinforcement. (1%)Fartash Faghri; Hadi Pouransari; Sachin Mehta; Mehrdad Farajtabar; Ali Farhadi; Mohammad Rastegari; Oncel Tuzel 2023-03-14 BODEGA: Benchmark for Adversarial Example Generation in Credibility Assessment. (98%)Piotr Przybyła; Alexander Shvets; Horacio Saggion Resilient Dynamic Average Consensus based on Trusted agents. (69%)Shamik Bhattacharyya; Rachel Kalpana Kalaimani Improving Adversarial Robustness with Hypersphere Embedding and Angular-based Regularizations. (31%)Olukorede Fakorede; Ashutosh Nirala; Modeste Atsague; Jin Tian 2023-03-13 Constrained Adversarial Learning and its applicability to Automated Software Testing: a systematic review. (99%)João Vitorino; Tiago Dias; Tiago Fonseca; Eva Maia; Isabel Praça Can Adversarial Examples Be Parsed to Reveal Victim Model Information? (99%)Yuguang Yao; Jiancheng Liu; Yifan Gong; Xiaoming Liu; Yanzhi Wang; Xue Lin; Sijia Liu Review on the Feasibility of Adversarial Evasion Attacks and Defenses for Network Intrusion Detection Systems. (99%)Islam Debicha; Benjamin Cochez; Tayeb Kenaza; Thibault Debatty; Jean-Michel Dricot; Wim Mees SMUG: Towards robust MRI reconstruction by smoothed unrolling. (98%)Hui Li; Jinghan Jia; Shijun Liang; Yuguang Yao; Saiprasad Ravishankar; Sijia Liu Model-tuning Via Prompts Makes NLP Models Adversarially Robust. (93%)Mrigank Raman; Pratyush Maini; J. Zico Kolter; Zachary C. Lipton; Danish Pruthi Robust Contrastive Language-Image Pretraining against Adversarial Attacks. (76%)Wenhan Yang; Baharan Mirzasoleiman Model Extraction Attacks on Split Federated Learning. (47%)Jingtao Li; Adnan Siraj Rakin; Xing Chen; Li Yang; Zhezhi He; Deliang Fan; Chaitali Chakrabarti WDiscOOD: Out-of-Distribution Detection via Whitened Linear Discriminative Analysis. (1%)Yiye Chen; Yunzhi Lin; Ruinian Xu; Patricio A. Vela 2023-03-12 Adv-Bot: Realistic Adversarial Botnet Attacks against Network Intrusion Detection Systems. (99%)Islam Debicha; Benjamin Cochez; Tayeb Kenaza; Thibault Debatty; Jean-Michel Dricot; Wim Mees Adaptive Local Adversarial Attacks on 3D Point Clouds for Augmented Reality. (99%)Weiquan Liu; Shijun Zheng; Cheng Wang DNN-Alias: Deep Neural Network Protection Against Side-Channel Attacks via Layer Balancing. (96%)Mahya Morid Ahmadi; Lilas Alrahis; Ozgur Sinanoglu; Muhammad Shafique Multi-metrics adaptively identifies backdoors in Federated learning. (92%)Siquan Huang; Yijiang Li; Chong Chen; Leyu Shi; Ying Gao Adversarial Attacks to Direct Data-driven Control for Destabilization. (91%)Hampei Sasahara Backdoor Defense via Deconfounded Representation Learning. (83%)Zaixi Zhang; Qi Liu; Zhicai Wang; Zepu Lu; Qingyong Hu Interpreting Hidden Semantics in the Intermediate Layers of 3D Point Cloud Classification Neural Network. (76%)Weiquan Liu; Minghao Liu; Shijun Zheng; Cheng Wang Boosting Source Code Learning with Data Augmentation: An Empirical Study. (11%)Zeming Dong; Qiang Hu; Yuejun Guo; Zhenya Zhang; Maxime Cordy; Mike Papadakis; Yves Le Traon; Jianjun Zhao 2023-03-11 Improving the Robustness of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Through Feature Learning. (99%)Jin Ding; Jie-Chao Zhao; Yong-Zhi Sun; Ping Tan; Ji-En Ma; You-Tong Fang SHIELD: An Adaptive and Lightweight Defense against the Remote Power Side-Channel Attacks on Multi-tenant FPGAs. (8%)Mahya Morid Ahmadi; Faiq Khalid; Radha Vaidya; Florian Kriebel; Andreas Steininger; Muhammad Shafique 2023-03-10 Turning Strengths into Weaknesses: A Certified Robustness Inspired Attack Framework against Graph Neural Networks. (99%)Binghui Wang; Meng Pang; Yun Dong Boosting Adversarial Attacks by Leveraging Decision Boundary Information. (99%)Boheng Zeng; LianLi Gao; QiLong Zhang; ChaoQun Li; JingKuan Song; ShuaiQi Jing Adversarial Attacks and Defenses in Machine Learning-Powered Networks: A Contemporary Survey. (99%)Yulong Wang; Tong Sun; Shenghong Li; Xin Yuan; Wei Ni; Ekram Hossain; H. Vincent Poor Investigating Stateful Defenses Against Black-Box Adversarial Examples. (99%)Ryan Feng; Ashish Hooda; Neal Mangaokar; Kassem Fawaz; Somesh Jha; Atul Prakash Do we need entire training data for adversarial training? (99%)Vipul Gupta; Apurva Narayan MIXPGD: Hybrid Adversarial Training for Speech Recognition Systems. (99%)Aminul Huq; Weiyi Zhang; Xiaolin Hu TrojDiff: Trojan Attacks on Diffusion Models with Diverse Targets. (61%)Weixin Chen; Dawn Song; Bo Li 2023-03-09 NoiseCAM: Explainable AI for the Boundary Between Noise and Adversarial Attacks. (99%)Wenkai Tan; Justus Renkhoff; Alvaro Velasquez; Ziyu Wang; Lusi Li; Jian Wang; Shuteng Niu; Fan Yang; Yongxin Liu; Houbing Song Evaluating the Robustness of Conversational Recommender Systems by Adversarial Examples. (92%)Ali Montazeralghaem; James Allan Identification of Systematic Errors of Image Classifiers on Rare Subgroups. (83%)Jan Hendrik Metzen; Robin Hutmacher; N. Grace Hua; Valentyn Boreiko; Dan Zhang Learning the Legibility of Visual Text Perturbations. (78%)Dev Seth; Rickard Stureborg; Danish Pruthi; Bhuwan Dhingra Efficient Certified Training and Robustness Verification of Neural ODEs. (75%)Mustafa Zeqiri; Mark Niklas Müller; Marc Fischer; Martin Vechev 2023-03-08 Decision-BADGE: Decision-based Adversarial Batch Attack with Directional Gradient Estimation. (99%)Geunhyeok Yu; Minwoo Jeon; Hyoseok Hwang Immune Defense: A Novel Adversarial Defense Mechanism for Preventing the Generation of Adversarial Examples. (99%)Jinwei Wang; Hao Wu; Haihua Wang; Jiawei Zhang; Xiangyang Luo; Bin Ma Exploring Adversarial Attacks on Neural Networks: An Explainable Approach. (99%)Justus Renkhoff; Wenkai Tan; Alvaro Velasquez; illiam Yichen Wang; Yongxin Liu; Jian Wang; Shuteng Niu; Lejla Begic Fazlic; Guido Dartmann; Houbing Song BeamAttack: Generating High-quality Textual Adversarial Examples through Beam Search and Mixed Semantic Spaces. (99%)Hai Zhu; Qingyang Zhao; Yuren Wu DeepGD: A Multi-Objective Black-Box Test Selection Approach for Deep Neural Networks. (3%)Zohreh Aghababaeyan; Manel Abdellatif; Mahboubeh Dadkhah; Lionel Briand 2023-03-07 Logit Margin Matters: Improving Transferable Targeted Adversarial Attack by Logit Calibration. (99%)Juanjuan Weng; Zhiming Luo; Zhun Zhong; Shaozi Li; Nicu Sebe Robustness-preserving Lifelong Learning via Dataset Condensation. (96%)Jinghan Jia; Yihua Zhang; Dogyoon Song; Sijia Liu; Alfred Hero Patch of Invisibility: Naturalistic Black-Box Adversarial Attacks on Object Detectors. (93%)Raz Lapid; Moshe Sipper CUDA: Convolution-based Unlearnable Datasets. (82%)Vinu Sankar Sadasivan; Mahdi Soltanolkotabi; Soheil Feizi EavesDroid: Eavesdropping User Behaviors via OS Side-Channels on Smartphones. (11%)Quancheng Wang; Ming Tang; Jianming Fu Stabilized training of joint energy-based models and their practical applications. (2%)Martin Sustek; Samik Sadhu; Lukas Burget; Hynek Hermansky; Jesus Villalba; Laureano Moro-Velazquez; Najim Dehak 2023-03-06 CleanCLIP: Mitigating Data Poisoning Attacks in Multimodal Contrastive Learning. (33%)Hritik Bansal; Nishad Singhi; Yu Yang; Fan Yin; Aditya Grover; Kai-Wei Chang Students Parrot Their Teachers: Membership Inference on Model Distillation. (31%)Matthew Jagielski; Milad Nasr; Christopher Choquette-Choo; Katherine Lee; Nicholas Carlini A Unified Algebraic Perspective on Lipschitz Neural Networks. (15%)Alexandre Araujo; Aaron Havens; Blaise Delattre; Alexandre Allauzen; Bin Hu Learning to Backdoor Federated Learning. (15%)Henger Li; Chen Wu; Senchun Zhu; Zizhan Zheng On the Feasibility of Specialized Ability Stealing for Large Language Code Models. (2%)Zongjie Li; Chaozheng Wang; Pingchuan Ma; Chaowei Liu; Shuai Wang; Daoyuan Wu; Cuiyun Gao ALMOST: Adversarial Learning to Mitigate Oracle-less ML Attacks via Synthesis Tuning. (1%)Animesh Basak Chowdhury; Lilas Alrahis; Luca Collini; Johann Knechtel; Ramesh Karri; Siddharth Garg; Ozgur Sinanoglu; Benjamin Tan Rethinking Confidence Calibration for Failure Prediction. (1%)Fei Zhu; Zhen Cheng; Xu-Yao Zhang; Cheng-Lin Liu 2023-03-05 Consistent Valid Physically-Realizable Adversarial Attack against Crowd-flow Prediction Models. (99%)Hassan Ali; Muhammad Atif Butt; Fethi Filali; Ala Al-Fuqaha; Junaid Qadir Visual Analytics of Neuron Vulnerability to Adversarial Attacks on Convolutional Neural Networks. (99%)Yiran Li; Junpeng Wang; Takanori Fujiwara; Kwan-Liu Ma Adversarial Sampling for Fairness Testing in Deep Neural Network. (98%)Tosin Ige; William Marfo; Justin Tonkinson; Sikiru Adewale; Bolanle Hafiz Matti Local Environment Poisoning Attacks on Federated Reinforcement Learning. (12%)Evelyn Ma; Tiancheng Qin; Rasoul Etesami Robustness, Evaluation and Adaptation of Machine Learning Models in the Wild. 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