A Complete List of All (arXiv) Adversarial Example Papers

by Nicholas Carlini 2019-06-15

It can be hard to stay up-to-date on the published papers in the field of adversarial examples, where we have seen massive growth in the number of papers written each year. I have been somewhat religiously keeping track of these papers for the last few years, and realized it may be helpful for others to release this list.

The only requirement I used for selecting papers for this list is that it is primarily a paper about adversarial examples, or extensively uses adversarial examples. Due to the sheer quantity of papers, I can't guarantee that I actually have found all of them.

But I did try.

I also may have included papers that don't match these criteria (and are about something different instead), or made inconsistent judgement calls as to whether or not any given paper is mainly an adversarial example paper. Send me an email if something is wrong and I'll correct it.

As a result, this list is completely un-filtered. Everything that mainly presents itself as an adversarial example paper is listed here; I pass no judgement of quality. For a curated list of papers that I think are excellent and worth reading, see the Adversarial Machine Learning Reading List.

One final note about the data. This list automatically updates with new papers, even before I get a chance to manually filter through them. I do this filtering roughly twice a week, and it's then that I'll remove the ones that aren't related to adversarial examples. As a result, there may be some false positives on the most recent few entries. The new un-verified entries will have a probability indicated that my simplistic (but reasonably well calibrated) bag-of-words classifier believes the given paper is actually about adversarial examples.

The full paper list appears below. I've also released a TXT file (and a TXT file with abstracts) and a JSON file with the same data. If you do anything interesting with this data I'd be happy to hear from you what it was.

Paper List

2024-07-15 Wicked Oddities: Selectively Poisoning for Effective Clean-Label Backdoor Attacks. (99%)Quang H. Nguyen; Nguyen Ngoc-Hieu; The-Anh Ta; Thanh Nguyen-Tang; Hoang Thanh-Tung; Khoa D. Doan Backdoor Attacks against Image-to-Image Networks. (88%)Wenbo Jiang; Hongwei Li; Jiaming He; Rui Zhang; Guowen Xu; Tianwei Zhang; Rongxing Lu PartImageNet++ Dataset: Scaling up Part-based Models for Robust Recognition. (80%)Xiao Li; Yining Liu; Na Dong; Sitian Qin; Xiaolin Hu Provable Robustness of (Graph) Neural Networks Against Data Poisoning and Backdoor Attacks. (62%)Lukas Gosch; Mahalakshmi Sabanayagam; Debarghya Ghoshdastidar; Stephan Günnemann 2024-07-14 Transferable 3D Adversarial Shape Completion using Diffusion Models. (99%)Xuelong Dai; Bin Xiao Towards Robust Recommendation via Decision Boundary-aware Graph Contrastive Learning. (92%)Jiakai Tang; Sunhao Dai; Zexu Sun; Xu Chen; Jun Xu; Wenhui Yu; Lantao Hu; Peng Jiang; Han Li Defending Against Repetitive-based Backdoor Attacks on Semi-supervised Learning through Lens of Rate-Distortion-Perception Trade-off. (76%)Cheng-Yi Lee; Ching-Chia Kao; Cheng-Han Yeh; Chun-Shien Lu; Chia-Mu Yu; Chu-Song Chen CLIP-Guided Networks for Transferable Targeted Attacks. (76%)Hao Fang; Jiawei Kong; Bin Chen; Tao Dai; Hao Wu; Shu-Tao Xia 2024-07-13 Augmented Neural Fine-Tuning for Efficient Backdoor Purification. (68%)Nazmul Karim; Abdullah Al Arafat; Umar Khalid; Zhishan Guo; Nazanin Rahnavard Partner in Crime: Boosting Targeted Poisoning Attacks against Federated Learning. (67%)Shihua Sun; Shridatt Sugrim; Angelos Stavrou; Haining Wang Team up GBDTs and DNNs: Advancing Efficient and Effective Tabular Prediction with Tree-hybrid MLPs. (1%)Jiahuan Yan; Jintai Chen; Qianxing Wang; Danny Z. Chen; Jian Wu 2024-07-12 Evaluating the Adversarial Robustness of Semantic Segmentation: Trying Harder Pays Off. (97%)Levente Halmosi; Bálint Mohos; Márk Jelasity TAPI: Towards Target-Specific and Adversarial Prompt Injection against Code LLMs. (93%)Yuchen Yang; Hongwei Yao; Bingrun Yang; Yiling He; Yiming Li; Tianwei Zhang; Zhan Qin; Kui Ren Deep Adversarial Defense Against Multilevel-Lp Attacks. (87%)Ren Wang; Yuxuan Li; Alfred Hero Robust Yet Efficient Conformal Prediction Sets. (61%)Soroush H. Zargarbashi; Mohammad Sadegh Akhondzadeh; Aleksandar Bojchevski Refusing Safe Prompts for Multi-modal Large Language Models. (16%)Zedian Shao; Hongbin Liu; Yuepeng Hu; Neil Zhenqiang Gong Security Matrix for Multimodal Agents on Mobile Devices: A Systematic and Proof of Concept Study. (15%)Yulong Yang; Xinshan Yang; Shuaidong Li; Chenhao Lin; Zhengyu Zhao; Chao Shen; Tianwei Zhang BoBa: Boosting Backdoor Detection through Data Distribution Inference in Federated Learning. (5%)Ning Wang; Shanghao Shi; Yang Xiao; Yimin Chen; Y. Thomas Hou; Wenjing Lou Refuse Whenever You Feel Unsafe: Improving Safety in LLMs via Decoupled Refusal Training. (1%)Youliang Yuan; Wenxiang Jiao; Wenxuan Wang; Jen-tse Huang; Jiahao Xu; Tian Liang; Pinjia He; Zhaopeng Tu 2024-07-11 Boosting Adversarial Transferability for Skeleton-based Action Recognition via Exploring the Model Posterior Space. (99%)Yunfeng Diao; Baiqi Wu; Ruixuan Zhang; Xun Yang; Meng Wang; He Wang Rethinking the Threat and Accessibility of Adversarial Attacks against Face Recognition Systems. (99%)Yuxin Cao; Yumeng Zhu; Derui Wang; Sheng Wen; Minhui Xue; Jin Lu; Hao Ge HO-FMN: Hyperparameter Optimization for Fast Minimum-Norm Attacks. (98%)Raffaele Mura; Giuseppe Floris; Luca Scionis; Giorgio Piras; Maura Pintor; Ambra Demontis; Giorgio Giacinto; Battista Biggio; Fabio Roli Distributed Backdoor Attacks on Federated Graph Learning and Certified Defenses. (98%)Yuxin College of Computer Science and Technology, Jilin University Illinois Institute of Technology Yang; Qiang College of Computer Science and Technology, Jilin University Li; Jinyuan The Pennsylvania State University Jia; Yuan University of Connecticut Hong; Binghui Illinois Institute of Technology Wang DeCE: Deceptive Cross-Entropy Loss Designed for Defending Backdoor Attacks. (87%)Guang Yang; Yu Zhou; Xiang Chen; Xiangyu Zhang; Terry Yue Zhuo; David Lo; Taolue Chen How to beat a Bayesian adversary. (81%)Zihan Ding; Kexin Jin; Jonas Latz; Chenguang Liu Soft Prompts Go Hard: Steering Visual Language Models with Hidden Meta-Instructions. (74%)Tingwei Zhang; Collin Zhang; John X. Morris; Eugene Bagdasaryan; Vitaly Shmatikov DART: A Solution for Decentralized Federated Learning Model Robustness Analysis. (47%)Chao Feng; Alberto Huertas Celdrán; der Assen Jan von; Enrique Tomás Martínez Beltrán; Gérôme Bovet; Burkhard Stiller Enhancing Privacy of Spatiotemporal Federated Learning against Gradient Inversion Attacks. (8%)Lele Zheng; Yang Cao; Renhe Jiang; Kenjiro Taura; Yulong Shen; Sheng Li; Masatoshi Yoshikawa Quantitative Evaluation of the Saliency Map for Alzheimer's Disease Classifier with Anatomical Segmentation. (8%)Yihan Zhang; Xuanshuo Zhang; Wei Wu; Haohan Wang Deep Learning for Network Anomaly Detection under Data Contamination: Evaluating Robustness and Mitigating Performance Degradation. (1%)D'Jeff K. Nkashama; Jordan Masakuna Félicien; Arian Soltani; Jean-Charles Verdier; Pierre-Martin Tardif; Marc Frappier; Froduald Kabanza Are Large Language Models Really Bias-Free? Jailbreak Prompts for Assessing Adversarial Robustness to Bias Elicitation. (1%)Riccardo Cantini; Giada Cosenza; Alessio Orsino; Domenico Talia 2024-07-10 A Survey of Attacks on Large Vision-Language Models: Resources, Advances, and Future Trends. (38%)Daizong Liu; Mingyu Yang; Xiaoye Qu; Pan Zhou; Wei Hu; Yu Cheng Model-agnostic clean-label backdoor mitigation in cybersecurity environments. (31%)Giorgio Severi; Simona Boboila; John Holodnak; Kendra Kratkiewicz; Rauf Izmailov; Alina Oprea Flooding Spread of Manipulated Knowledge in LLM-Based Multi-Agent Communities. (11%)Tianjie Ju; Yiting Wang; Xinbei Ma; Pengzhou Cheng; Haodong Zhao; Yulong Wang; Lifeng Liu; Jian Xie; Zhuosheng Zhang; Gongshen Liu Invisible Optical Adversarial Stripes on Traffic Sign against Autonomous Vehicles. (8%)Dongfang Guo; Yuting Wu; Yimin Dai; Pengfei Zhou; Xin Lou; Rui Tan A Comprehensive Survey on the Security of Smart Grid: Challenges, Mitigations, and Future Research Opportunities. (2%)Arastoo Zibaeirad; Farnoosh Koleini; Shengping Bi; Tao Hou; Tao Wang CHILLI: A data context-aware perturbation method for XAI. (1%)Saif Anwar; Nathan Griffiths; Abhir Bhalerao; Thomas Popham 2024-07-09 A Hybrid Training-time and Run-time Defense Against Adversarial Attacks in Modulation Classification. (99%)Lu Zhang; Sangarapillai Lambotharan; Gan Zheng; Guisheng Liao; Ambra Demontis; Fabio Roli Universal Multi-view Black-box Attack against Object Detectors via Layout Optimization. (99%)Donghua Wang; Wen Yao; Tingsong Jiang; Chao Li; Xiaoqian Chen DLOVE: A new Security Evaluation Tool for Deep Learning Based Watermarking Techniques. (98%)Sudev Kumar Padhi; Sk. Subidh Ali Countermeasures Against Adversarial Examples in Radio Signal Classification. (97%)Lu Zhang; Sangarapillai Lambotharan; Gan Zheng; Basil AsSadhan; Fabio Roli Improving the Transferability of Adversarial Examples by Feature Augmentation. (93%)Donghua Wang; Wen Yao; Tingsong Jiang; Xiaohu Zheng; Junqi Wu; Xiaoqian Chen Tracing Back the Malicious Clients in Poisoning Attacks to Federated Learning. (26%)Yuqi Jia; Minghong Fang; Hongbin Liu; Jinghuai Zhang; Neil Zhenqiang Gong The Quantum Imitation Game: Reverse Engineering of Quantum Machine Learning Models. (15%)Archisman Ghosh; Swaroop Ghosh Robust Neural Information Retrieval: An Adversarial and Out-of-distribution Perspective. (13%)Yu-An Liu; Ruqing Zhang; Jiafeng Guo; Rijke Maarten de; Yixing Fan; Xueqi Cheng Attack GAN (AGAN ): A new Security Evaluation Tool for Perceptual Encryption. (10%)Umesh Kashyap; Sudev Kumar Padhi; Sk. Subidh Ali Performance Evaluation of Knowledge Graph Embedding Approaches under Non-adversarial Attacks. (8%)Sourabh Kapoor; Arnab Sharma; Michael Röder; Caglar Demir; Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo Distribution System Reconfiguration to Mitigate Load Altering Attacks via Stackelberg Games. (1%)Sajjad Maleki; Subhash Lakshminarayana; Charalambos Konstantinou; E. Veronica Belmaga Exploring the Causality of End-to-End Autonomous Driving. (1%)Jiankun Li; Hao Li; Jiangjiang Liu; Zhikang Zou; Xiaoqing Ye; Fan Wang; Jizhou Huang; Hua Wu; Haifeng Wang 2024-07-08 Shedding More Light on Robust Classifiers under the lens of Energy-based Models. (98%)Mujtaba Hussain Mirza; Maria Rosaria Briglia; Senad Beadini; Iacopo Masi Non-Robust Features are Not Always Useful in One-Class Classification. (92%)Matthew Lau; Haoran Wang; Alec Helbling; Matthew Hul; ShengYun Peng; Martin Andreoni; Willian T. Lunardi; Wenke Lee Exposing Privacy Gaps: Membership Inference Attack on Preference Data for LLM Alignment. (1%)Qizhang Feng; Siva Rajesh Kasa; Hyokun Yun; Choon Hui Teo; Sravan Babu Bodapati 2024-07-07 Rethinking Targeted Adversarial Attacks For Neural Machine Translation. (99%)Junjie Wu; Lemao Liu; Wei Bi; Dit-Yan Yeung Gradient Diffusion: A Perturbation-Resilient Gradient Leakage Attack. (64%)Xuan Liu; Siqi Cai; Qihua Zhou; Song Guo; Ruibin Li; Kaiwei Lin An accurate detection is not all you need to combat label noise in web-noisy datasets. (1%)Paul Albert; Jack Valmadre; Eric Arazo; Tarun Krishna; Noel E. O'Connor; Kevin McGuinness Evolutionary Trigger Detection and Lightweight Model Repair Based Backdoor Defense. (1%)Qi Zhou; Zipeng Ye; Yubo Tang; Wenjian Luo; Yuhui Shi; Yan Jia Detecting new obfuscated malware variants: A lightweight and interpretable machine learning approach. (1%)Oladipo A. Madamidola; Felix Ngobigha; Adnane Ez-zizi 2024-07-06 A Novel Bifurcation Method for Observation Perturbation Attacks on Reinforcement Learning Agents: Load Altering Attacks on a Cyber Physical Power System. (99%)Kiernan Broda-Milian; Ranwa Al-Mallah; Hanane Dagdougui Releasing Malevolence from Benevolence: The Menace of Benign Data on Machine Unlearning. (13%)Binhao Ma; Tianhang Zheng; Hongsheng Hu; Di Wang; Shuo Wang; Zhongjie Ba; Zhan Qin; Kui Ren GCON: Differentially Private Graph Convolutional Network via Objective Perturbation. (12%)Jianxin Wei; Yizheng Zhu; Xiaokui Xiao; Ergute Bao; Yin Yang; Kuntai Cai; Beng Chin Ooi 2024-07-05 Remembering Everything Makes You Vulnerable: A Limelight on Machine Unlearning for Personalized Healthcare Sector. (98%)Ahan Chatterjee; Sai Anirudh Aryasomayajula; Rajat Chaudhari; Subhajit Paul; Vishwa Mohan Singh Jailbreak Attacks and Defenses Against Large Language Models: A Survey. (92%)Sibo Yi; Yule Liu; Zhen Sun; Tianshuo Cong; Xinlei He; Jiaxing Song; Ke Xu; Qi Li Controlling Whisper: Universal Acoustic Adversarial Attacks to Control Speech Foundation Models. (91%)Vyas Raina; Mark Gales Self-Supervised Representation Learning for Adversarial Attack Detection. (68%)Yi Li; Plamen Angelov; Neeraj Suri On Evaluating The Performance of Watermarked Machine-Generated Texts Under Adversarial Attacks. (61%)Zesen Liu; Tianshuo Cong; Xinlei He; Qi Li Late Breaking Results: Fortifying Neural Networks: Safeguarding Against Adversarial Attacks with Stochastic Computing. (54%)Faeze S. Banitaba; Sercan Aygun; M. Hassan Najafi Regulating Model Reliance on Non-Robust Features by Smoothing Input Marginal Density. (38%)Peiyu Yang; Naveed Akhtar; Mubarak Shah; Ajmal Mian Non-Cooperative Backdoor Attacks in Federated Learning: A New Threat Landscape. (2%)Tuan Nguyen; Dung Thuy Nguyen; Khoa D Doan; Kok-Seng Wong 2024-07-04 Adversarial Robustness of VAEs across Intersectional Subgroups. (99%)Chethan Krishnamurthy Ramanaik; Arjun Roy; Eirini Ntoutsi Protecting Deep Learning Model Copyrights with Adversarial Example-Free Reuse Detection. (99%)Xiaokun Luan; Xiyue Zhang; Jingyi Wang; Meng Sun Mitigating Low-Frequency Bias: Feature Recalibration and Frequency Attention Regularization for Adversarial Robustness. (92%)Kejia Zhang; Juanjuan Weng; Yuanzheng Cai; Zhiming Luo; Shaozi Li TrackPGD: A White-box Attack using Binary Masks against Robust Transformer Trackers. (68%)Fatemeh Nourilenjan Nokabadi; Yann Batiste Pequignot; Jean-Francois Lalonde; Christian Gagné Securing Multi-turn Conversational Language Models Against Distributed Backdoor Triggers. (68%)Terry Tong; Jiashu Xu; Qin Liu; Muhao Chen Charging Ahead: A Hierarchical Adversarial Framework for Counteracting Advanced Cyber Threats in EV Charging Stations. (15%)Mohammed Al-Mehdhar; Abdullatif Albaseer; Mohamed Abdallah; Ala Al-Fuqaha T2IShield: Defending Against Backdoors on Text-to-Image Diffusion Models. (13%)Zhongqi Wang; Jie Zhang; Shiguang Shan; Xilin Chen Quantifying Prediction Consistency Under Model Multiplicity in Tabular LLMs. (1%)Faisal Hamman; Pasan Dissanayake; Saumitra Mishra; Freddy Lecue; Sanghamitra Dutta Certifiably Robust Image Watermark. (1%)Zhengyuan Jiang; Moyang Guo; Yuepeng Hu; Jinyuan Jia; Neil Zhenqiang Gong 2024-07-03 A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Practical Black-box Adversarial Attacks for Evading Learning-based Windows Malware Detection in the Wild. (99%)Xiang Ling; Zhiyu Wu; Bin Wang; Wei Deng; Jingzheng Wu; Shouling Ji; Tianyue Luo; Yanjun Wu $L_p$-norm Distortion-Efficient Adversarial Attack. (99%)Chao Zhou; Yuan-Gen Wang; Zi-jia Wang; Xiangui Kang SPLITZ: Certifiable Robustness via Split Lipschitz Randomized Smoothing. (98%)Meiyu Zhong; Ravi Tandon JailbreakHunter: A Visual Analytics Approach for Jailbreak Prompts Discovery from Large-Scale Human-LLM Conversational Datasets. (83%)Zhihua Jin; Shiyi Liu; Haotian Li; Xun Zhao; Huamin Qu Venomancer: Towards Imperceptible and Target-on-Demand Backdoor Attacks in Federated Learning. (74%)Son Nguyen; Thinh Nguyen; Khoa Doan; Kok-Seng Wong Self-Evaluation as a Defense Against Adversarial Attacks on LLMs. (31%)Hannah Brown; Leon Lin; Kenji Kawaguchi; Michael Shieh Safe Unlearning: A Surprisingly Effective and Generalizable Solution to Defend Against Jailbreak Attacks. (9%)Zhexin Zhang; Junxiao Yang; Pei Ke; Shiyao Cui; Chujie Zheng; Hongning Wang; Minlie Huang Federated Learning for Zero-Day Attack Detection in 5G and Beyond V2X Networks. (2%)Abdelaziz Amara korba; Abdelwahab Boualouache; Bouziane Brik; Rabah Rahal; Yacine Ghamri-Doudane; Sidi Mohammed Senouci An Empirical Study on Capability of Large Language Models in Understanding Code Semantics. (1%)Thu-Trang Nguyen; Thanh Trong Vu; Hieu Dinh Vo; Son Nguyen On Large Language Models in National Security Applications. (1%)William N. Caballero; Phillip R. Jenkins 2024-07-02 Secure Semantic Communication via Paired Adversarial Residual Networks. (99%)Boxiang He; Fanggang Wang; Tony Q. S. Quek EvolBA: Evolutionary Boundary Attack under Hard-label Black Box condition. (99%)Ayane Tajima; Satoshi Ono Adversarial Magnification to Deceive Deepfake Detection through Super Resolution. (98%)Davide Alessandro Coccomini; Roberto Caldelli; Giuseppe Amato; Fabrizio Falchi; Claudio Gennaro A False Sense of Safety: Unsafe Information Leakage in 'Safe' AI Responses. (80%)David Glukhov; Ziwen Han; Ilia Shumailov; Vardan Papyan; Nicolas Papernot Light-weight Fine-tuning Method for Defending Adversarial Noise in Pre-trained Medical Vision-Language Models. (76%)Xu Han; Linghao Jin; Xuezhe Ma; Xiaofeng Liu Parameter Matching Attack: Enhancing Practical Applicability of Availability Attacks. (50%)Yu Zhe; Jun Sakuma On the Robustness of Graph Reduction Against GNN Backdoor. (13%)Yuxuan Zhu; Michael Mandulak; Kerui Wu; George Slota; Yuseok Jeon; Ka-Ho Chow; Lei Yu MALT Powers Up Adversarial Attacks. (13%)Odelia Melamed; Gilad Yehudai; Adi Shamir Towards More Realistic Extraction Attacks: An Adversarial Perspective. (2%)Yash More; Prakhar Ganesh; Golnoosh Farnadi Face Reconstruction Transfer Attack as Out-of-Distribution Generalization. (2%)Yoon Gyo Jung; Jaewoo Park; Xingbo Dong; Hojin Park; Andrew Beng Jin Teoh; Octavia Camps Robust ADAS: Enhancing Robustness of Machine Learning-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems for Adverse Weather. (1%)Muhammad Zaeem Shahzad; Muhammad Abdullah Hanif; Muhammad Shafique 2024-07-01 Multi-View Black-Box Physical Attacks on Infrared Pedestrian Detectors Using Adversarial Infrared Grid. (98%)Kalibinuer Tiliwalidi; Chengyin Hu; Weiwen Shi DeepiSign-G: Generic Watermark to Stamp Hidden DNN Parameters for Self-contained Tracking. (82%)Alsharif Abuadbba; Nicholas Rhodes; Kristen Moore; Bushra Sabir; Shuo Wang; Yansong Gao Looking From the Future: Multi-order Iterations Can Enhance Adversarial Attack Transferability. (81%)Zijian Ying; Qianmu Li; Tao Wang; Zhichao Lian; Shunmei Meng; Xuyun Zhang QUEEN: Query Unlearning against Model Extraction. (75%)Huajie Chen; Tianqing Zhu; Lefeng Zhang; Bo Liu; Derui Wang; Wanlei Zhou; Minhui Xue Formal Verification of Object Detection. (56%)Avraham Raviv; Yizhak Y. Elboher; Michelle Aluf-Medina; Yael Leibovich Weiss; Omer Cohen; Roy Assa; Guy Katz; Hillel Kugler SoP: Unlock the Power of Social Facilitation for Automatic Jailbreak Attack. (13%)Yan Yang; Zeguan Xiao; Xin Lu; Hongru Wang; Hailiang Huang; Guanhua Chen; Yun Chen Securing Distributed Network Digital Twin Systems Against Model Poisoning Attacks. (8%)Zifan Zhang; Minghong Fang; Mingzhe Chen; Gaolei Li; Xi Lin; Yuchen Liu A Fingerprint for Large Language Models. (2%)Zhiguang Yang; Hanzhou Wu Unveiling the Unseen: Exploring Whitebox Membership Inference through the Lens of Explainability. (1%)Chenxi Li; Abhinav Kumar; Zhen Guo; Jie Hou; Reza Tourani Unaligning Everything: Or Aligning Any Text to Any Image in Multimodal Models. (1%)Shaeke Salman; Md Montasir Bin Shams; Xiuwen Liu 2024-06-30 Learning Robust 3D Representation from CLIP via Dual Denoising. (67%)Shuqing Luo; Bowen Qu; Wei Gao Consistency Purification: Effective and Efficient Diffusion Purification towards Certified Robustness. (13%)Yiquan Li; Zhongzhu Chen; Kun Jin; Jiongxiao Wang; Bo Li; Chaowei Xiao UWBAD: Towards Effective and Imperceptible Jamming Attacks Against UWB Ranging Systems with COTS Chips. (2%)Yuqiao Yang; Zhongjie Wu; Yongzhao Zhang; Ting Chen; Jun Li; Jie Yang; Wenhao Liu; Xiaosong Zhang; Ruicong Shi; Jingwei Li; Yu Jiang; Zhuo Su 2024-06-29 Query-Efficient Hard-Label Black-Box Attack against Vision Transformers. (99%)Chao Zhou; Xiaowen Shi; Yuan-Gen Wang 2024-06-28 Deceptive Diffusion: Generating Synthetic Adversarial Examples. (99%)Lucas Beerens; Catherine F. Higham; Desmond J. Higham DiffuseDef: Improved Robustness to Adversarial Attacks. (95%)Zhenhao Li; Marek Rei; Lucia Specia Emotion Loss Attacking: Adversarial Attack Perception for Skeleton based on Multi-dimensional Features. (92%)Feng Liu; Qing Xu; Qijian Zheng Steering cooperation: Adversarial attacks on prisoner's dilemma in complex networks. (92%)Kazuhiro Takemoto IDT: Dual-Task Adversarial Attacks for Privacy Protection. (88%)Pedro Faustini; Shakila Mahjabin Tonni; Annabelle McIver; Qiongkai Xu; Mark Dras Backdoor Attack in Prompt-Based Continual Learning. (16%)Trang Nguyen; Anh Tran; Nhat Ho Virtual Context: Enhancing Jailbreak Attacks with Special Token Injection. (11%)Yuqi Zhou; Lin Lu; Hanchi Sun; Pan Zhou; Lichao Sun GRACE: Graph-Regularized Attentive Convolutional Entanglement with Laplacian Smoothing for Robust DeepFake Video Detection. (1%)Chih-Chung Hsu; Shao-Ning Chen; Mei-Hsuan Wu; Yi-Fang Wang; Chia-Ming Lee; Yi-Shiuan Chou 2024-06-27 Zero-Query Adversarial Attack on Black-box Automatic Speech Recognition Systems. (99%)Zheng Fang; Tao Wang; Lingchen Zhao; Shenyi Zhang; Bowen Li; Yunjie Ge; Qi Li; Chao Shen; Qian Wang Data-Driven Lipschitz Continuity: A Cost-Effective Approach to Improve Adversarial Robustness. (98%)Erh-Chung Chen; Pin-Yu Chen; I-Hsin Chung; Che-Rung Lee Investigating and Defending Shortcut Learning in Personalized Diffusion Models. (87%)Yixin Liu; Ruoxi Chen; Lichao Sun Data Poisoning Attacks to Locally Differentially Private Frequent Itemset Mining Protocols. (2%)Wei Tong; Haoyu Chen; Jiacheng Niu; Sheng Zhong Context Matters: An Empirical Study of the Impact of Contextual Information in Temporal Question Answering Systems. (1%)Dan Schumacher; Fatemeh Haji; Tara Grey; Niharika Bandlamudi; Nupoor Karnik; Gagana Uday Kumar; Jason Cho-Yu Chiang; Paul Rad; Nishant Vishwamitra; Anthony Rios 2024-06-26 Detecting Brittle Decisions for Free: Leveraging Margin Consistency in Deep Robust Classifiers. (98%)Jonas Ngnawé; Sabyasachi Sahoo; Yann Pequignot; Frédéric Precioso; Christian Gagné On Discrete Prompt Optimization for Diffusion Models. (62%)Ruochen Wang; Ting Liu; Cho-Jui Hsieh; Boqing Gong Breaking the Barrier: Enhanced Utility and Robustness in Smoothed DRL Agents. (54%)Chung-En Sun; Sicun Gao; Tsui-Wei Weng Poisoned LangChain: Jailbreak LLMs by LangChain. (26%)Ziqiu Wang; Jun Liu; Shengkai Zhang; Yang Yang Revisiting Backdoor Attacks against Large Vision-Language Models. (15%)Siyuan Liang; Jiawei Liang; Tianyu Pang; Chao Du; Aishan Liu; Ee-Chien Chang; Xiaochun Cao WildTeaming at Scale: From In-the-Wild Jailbreaks to (Adversarially) Safer Language Models. (12%)Liwei Jiang; Kavel Rao; Seungju Han; Allyson Ettinger; Faeze Brahman; Sachin Kumar; Niloofar Mireshghallah; Ximing Lu; Maarten Sap; Yejin Choi; Nouha Dziri Adversarial Search Engine Optimization for Large Language Models. (9%)Fredrik Nestaas; Edoardo Debenedetti; Florian Tramèr 2024-06-25 CuDA2: An approach for Incorporating Traitor Agents into Cooperative Multi-Agent Systems. (99%)Zhen Chen; Yong Liao; Youpeng Zhao; Zipeng Dai; Jian Zhao Diffusion-based Adversarial Purification for Intrusion Detection. (98%)Mohamed Amine Merzouk; Erwan Beurier; Reda Yaich; Nora Boulahia-Cuppens; Frédéric Cuppens Semantic Deep Hiding for Robust Unlearnable Examples. (76%)Ruohan Meng; Chenyu Yi; Yi Yu; Siyuan Yang; Bingquan Shen; Alex C. Kot Treatment of Statistical Estimation Problems in Randomized Smoothing for Adversarial Robustness. (67%)Vaclav Voracek Robustly Optimized Deep Feature Decoupling Network for Fatty Liver Diseases Detection. (13%)Peng Huang; Shu Hu; Bo Peng; Jiashu Zhang; Xi Wu; Xin Wang 2024-06-24 Evaluating the Robustness of Deep-Learning Algorithm-Selection Models by Evolving Adversarial Instances. (98%)Emma Hart; Quentin Renau; Kevin Sim; Mohamad Alissa UNICAD: A Unified Approach for Attack Detection, Noise Reduction and Novel Class Identification. (96%)Alvaro Lopez Pellicer; Kittipos Giatgong; Yi Li; Neeraj Suri; Plamen Angelov ADVSCORE: A Metric for the Evaluation and Creation of Adversarial Benchmarks. (92%)Yoo Yeon Sung; Eve Fleisig; Ishani Mondal; Jordan Lee Boyd-Graber Automated Adversarial Discovery for Safety Classifiers. (92%)Yash Kumar Lal; Preethi Lahoti; Aradhana Sinha; Yao Qin; Ananth Balashankar Improving robustness to corruptions with multiplicative weight perturbations. (74%)Trung Trinh; Markus Heinonen; Luigi Acerbi; Samuel Kaski BEEAR: Embedding-based Adversarial Removal of Safety Backdoors in Instruction-tuned Language Models. (38%)Yi Zeng; Weiyu Sun; Tran Ngoc Huynh; Dawn Song; Bo Li; Ruoxi Jia From Perfect to Noisy World Simulation: Customizable Embodied Multi-modal Perturbations for SLAM Robustness Benchmarking. (5%)Xiaohao Xu; Tianyi Zhang; Sibo Wang; Xiang Li; Yongqi Chen; Ye Li; Bhiksha Raj; Matthew Johnson-Roberson; Xiaonan Huang Machine Unlearning Fails to Remove Data Poisoning Attacks. (2%)Martin Pawelczyk; Jimmy Z. Di; Yiwei Lu; Gautam Kamath; Ayush Sekhari; Seth Neel 2024-06-23 Towards unlocking the mystery of adversarial fragility of neural networks. (64%)Jingchao Gao; Raghu Mudumbai; Xiaodong Wu; Jirong Yi; Catherine Xu; Hui Xie; Weiyu Xu CBPF: Filtering Poisoned Data Based on Composite Backdoor Attack. (13%)Hanfeng Xia; Haibo Hong; Ruili Wang Investigating the Influence of Prompt-Specific Shortcuts in AI Generated Text Detection. (8%)Choonghyun Park; Hyuhng Joon Kim; Junyeob Kim; Youna Kim; Taeuk Kim; Hyunsoo Cho; Hwiyeol Jo; Sang-goo Lee; Kang Min Yoo On Instabilities of Unsupervised Denoising Diffusion Models in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reconstruction. (2%)Tianyu Han; Sven Nebelung; Firas Khader; Jakob Nikolas Kather; Daniel Truhn Understanding and Diagnosing Deep Reinforcement Learning. (1%)Ezgi Korkmaz 2024-06-22 The Effect of Similarity Measures on Accurate Stability Estimates for Local Surrogate Models in Text-based Explainable AI. (97%)Christopher Burger; Charles Walter; Thai Le Federated Adversarial Learning for Robust Autonomous Landing Runway Detection. (2%)Yi Li; Plamen Angelov; Zhengxin Yu; Alvaro Lopez Pellicer; Neeraj Suri Privacy Implications of Explainable AI in Data-Driven Systems. (1%)Fatima Ezzeddine 2024-06-21 ECLIPSE: Expunging Clean-label Indiscriminate Poisons via Sparse Diffusion Purification. 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(13%)Binqian Xu; Xiangbo Shu; Rui Yan; Guo-Sen Xie; Yixiao Ge; Mike Zheng Shou Deep Prototypical-Parts Ease Morphological Kidney Stone Identification and are Competitively Robust to Photometric Perturbations. (4%)Daniel Flores-Araiza; Francisco Lopez-Tiro; Jonathan El-Beze; Jacques Hubert; Miguel Gonzalez-Mendoza; Gilberto Ochoa-Ruiz; Christian Daul EMP-SSL: Towards Self-Supervised Learning in One Training Epoch. (1%)Shengbang Tong; Yubei Chen; Yi Ma; Yann Lecun 2023-04-07 Architecture-Preserving Provable Repair of Deep Neural Networks. (1%)Zhe Tao; Stephanie Nawas; Jacqueline Mitchell; Aditya V. Thakur ASPEST: Bridging the Gap Between Active Learning and Selective Prediction. (1%)Jiefeng Chen; Jinsung Yoon; Sayna Ebrahimi; Sercan Arik; Somesh Jha; Tomas Pfister 2023-04-06 Quantifying and Defending against Privacy Threats on Federated Knowledge Graph Embedding. 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Salman Asif Backdoor Attacks with Input-unique Triggers in NLP. (54%)Xukun Zhou; Jiwei Li; Tianwei Zhang; Lingjuan Lyu; Muqiao Yang; Jun He PoisonedGNN: Backdoor Attack on Graph Neural Networks-based Hardware Security Systems. (22%)Lilas Alrahis; Satwik Patnaik; Muhammad Abdullah Hanif; Muhammad Shafique; Ozgur Sinanoglu Enhancing Multiple Reliability Measures via Nuisance-extended Information Bottleneck. (5%)Jongheon Jeong; Sihyun Yu; Hankook Lee; Jinwoo Shin Optimal Smoothing Distribution Exploration for Backdoor Neutralization in Deep Learning-based Traffic Systems. (2%)Yue Wang; Wending Li; Michail Maniatakos; Saif Eddin Jabari TRAK: Attributing Model Behavior at Scale. (1%)Sung Min Park; Kristian Georgiev; Andrew Ilyas; Guillaume Leclerc; Aleksander Madry 2023-03-23 Watch Out for the Confusing Faces: Detecting Face Swapping with the Probability Distribution of Face Identification Models. 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