A C implementation of tic-tac-toe that it all implemented within a single call to printf.

Yet Another Doom Clone

A doom clone in 13k of JavaScript.

Obfuscated Gradients Code

We broke a number of defenses to adversarial examples, this code reproduces the attacks we implemented.

Audio Adversarial Examples

We show that neural networks on audio are also vulnerable to adversarial examples by making a speech-to-text neural network transcribe any input waveform as any any desired sentence.

Robust attacks on Neural Networks

Neural networks are highly vulnerable to evasion attacks. This project contains code to perform these attacks in a robust manner to evaluate future possible defenses.

Break of Defensive Distillation

Defensive Distillation was recently proposed as a defense to adversarial examples. This project contains the TensorFlow models required to train a defensively distilled network and show it is broken.

Brainfuck interpreter in printf

Printf is, unintentionally, a Turing-complete language. We demonstrate this by implementing a brainfuck interpreter through using only calls to the standard C printf.